common dishwasher problems

5 Of the Most Common Dishwasher Problems

Like every other machine, dishwashers occasionally experience problems. Some common dishwasher problems are minor, but others can bring hefty repair bills. If you encounter any of these common dishwasher problems, call a repair service right away.

common dishwasher problems                  common dishwasher problems

Common Dishwasher Problems: The Dishes are Done—But They’re Not Clean

There are few things more frustrating than opening the dishwasher at the end of the cycle only to see that the dishes are still dirty. Though such Dishwasher problems could simply mean that the unit was loaded incorrectly, it could be due to a clogged filter or spray arm. The easiest way to determine the nature of the problem is to reload the dishwasher and run it through another full cycle with enough detergent. If the results are the same, it may be time to call a pro.

There’s a Puddle on the Floor

Poor loading practises can cause leaks, especially if the unit is overloaded. If the floor becomes a wet, sopping mess every time the dishwasher runs, first check the door seal for worn spots or cracks. Call a professional to inspect the pipes to ensure they’re securely fastened at all connection points.

Not Filling or Overfilling

These common problems could be due to a variety of factors. Broken door seals, cracked drain hoses, a faulty float switch, a bad float, or an issue with the water inlet valve can all inhibit water flow. To determine whether it’s time to call a repair service, check these parts before using the unit again.

Strange Noises

Odd noises from a kitchen appliance should be a definite cause for worry. While rattling silverware and dishes can create a fair bit of noise, other sounds such as thumping or humming could indicate a larger problem with the unit’s valves or pump.

Common Dishwasher Problems: Poor Drainage

If there’s a washer not draining water, it’s likely because there’s a clog somewhere in the system. A pro can examine the strainers, drain, and filters to look for blockages that may cause problems, and they can clean everything properly. However, it’s up to you to monitor the unit after that to ensure it drains properly.

Experiencing any of the above issues can be frustrating and can cause damage to the home. If you find a dishwasher not working, call a licensed,qualified diswasher repair technician or check out our comprehensive DIY Guide to dishwasher repairs to get the unit back in working order as soon as possible.

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