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dishwasher repairWith 25 years’ experience in the industry, you can be sure we care about satisfying the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on offering prompt response times and do all we can to ensure your appliance is back up and running as soon as possible.

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If your washer isn’t giving you the same results that you got when you bought it then there’s a good chance the dishwasher could do with a service visit.  Whether you need dishwasher repairs in Perth, Mandurah, a dishwasher installer in Rockingham or even maintenance services in nearby suburbs, we have the team, the experience and the tools to cater to your needs.

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Dishwasher Repairs Fremantle to Mandurah

Common dishwasher problems we can help with

Not draining water  

This is by far the most common of all problems we attend too with a dishwasher. If you are finding there is water left in the unit following a cycle or the you are getting an error code then there’s a good chance the drain pump has become stuck with undissolved food particles or someone has left the occasional cocktail stick on a plate. We can diagnose this fault relatively quickly and remove the pump and clear any blockages and even exchange the component if necessary.

Dirty marks on dishes

If your finding that your beloved dishwasher is just not giving you the results it used too then help is on hand! We are able to fully test the unit to ensure all of the components are working correctly to ensure a sparkling clean, every time. It could just be that the unit has become clogged with dirt and grime from daily use or it could be that the heating system has broken down but never fear we have the expertise to get to the source of the problem whether it’s with the heater element, air pressure switch or even a broken wash motor then we’ve got it covered.

Motor constantly running

If you are having problems getting your machine to actually run through a cycle, yet it’s making all the right sounds then there’s a good chance the flood switch has become activated. This is a float switch located underneath the electrical components to protect from any water damage occurring or worse flooding the floor. We can trace the source of the water leak through the hose connections and components and replace where necessary.

No water inside machine

Modern dishwashers are controlled by an aqua valve which is electronically controlled by the control circuit board and should this fail then little or no water will enter the machine. We are able to remove these valves and test and clean the solenoids where possible and if necessary replace the complete safety hose. We can also check the water inlet through the inlet valve including the filters and also clean them out where required too.

Broken controls panel and accessories

 A dishwasher is a frequently used and essential part of any kitchen and with all the hard work it does it’s inevitable that it’s going to start to look a bit worn out. If your finding that you’re having problems with the door latch, the buttons are cracked or broken, the display is fading then we can source any parts required to get the unit looking brand new again. We can also replace any broken cutlery holders and broken dish drawers should they have given up over time.

We repair ALL makes and models. We are also service agent for the following brands –

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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry spare parts on the van?

Yes, absolutely – Our vans are equipped with a variety of the most commonly used spare part. Chances are that we’ll have the spare parts required to fix your machine and can get it back up and running right on the spot!

What if you don’t have the parts at hand?

In the rare case that we do not carry the spare part that’s necessary to fix your machine we will email the supplier from your location right then and there. You will receive an email with the quote within 48 hrs for the full cost of the repair.

Do you cover my area?

We cover all areas from the Perth CBD down to Dawesville, including Fremantle. So if you are located somewhere South of the River then YES, we’ll be able to come out quickly and get your machine back up and running!

My washer is quite old, is it worth repairing?

Our staff will give you the best advice possible with honesty. Sometimes we may need to have a look at your machine to confirm the exact issue to avoid unnecessary costs for you. If this is the case we will reduce the service fee for you.

Do I have to wait in all day?

No, you don’t! Just call our friendly office staff and we’ll get you booked in noting any special requirements. You will be offered an appointment within a 3 hour time slot. But don’t worry, we will also always ring on the way to confirm the appointment and make sure you are home. So you don’t have to wast any of your valuable time waiting for your machine being fixed.

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