Looking for an Evaporative Air Conditioning Repair or Service in Perth’s Southern Suburbs?

An evaporative air conditioning system is a highly essential piece of equipment in any Australian home. And with our long, WA, hot summer days here for the majority of the year, it’s essential your equipment is fully maintained and ready to get to work.

Our technicians are fully trained and experienced, across a variety of different manufacturers. Therefore, you can trust you are in good hands.

Our friendly team will make a booking to suit your busy schedule. Whether its a planned maintenance visit or an emergency breakdown, we will ensure you are delivered the highest standard of customer service.

evaporative air conditioning

Our 5-star Evaporative Aircon service includes the following –

  No additional call out charges
  Quality workmanship
  Fully qualified and insured
  Competitive pricing
  Our technicians arrive on time

Contact us here or simply call (08) 9523 0073 to get your appointment today!

We offer guarantees on all our work and our technicians are all fully insured. All our prices are fixed prior to arrival and we do not charge an additional call out fee.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Service & Clean 

Servicing all Evaporative air conditioning brands and models*. A thorough evaporative air-conditioning service typically includes cleaning the water sump (the water collection and removal part of a system) with high-pressure water followed by cleaning and flushing the filter pads.

This helps keep the system clean and free from allergens and potentially dangerous bacteria. Once the system is cleaned, our technician will run a full system test and carry out a diagnostic report to make sure everything is running at optimal levels.

Premium Service (Single Storey) $132

  • Technician to your door
  • Components check
  • Remove pads and clean
  • De-scale unit as best as possible
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Functionality report



Common Evaporative problems we can help you with

Circulating warm air

A common problem when first starting the unit up after winter and is a sure sign you need to seek professional help!

Noisy Fan

The largest and most expensive component on the unit by far and without regular maintenance its life can be greatly shortened. We can lubricate the bearings, change the capacitor or simply tighten the belt to ensure the fan is working at is optimum performance.

Unit constantly leaking water

Over the winter month’s where the unit is left idle, a few of the components can gather a build up of dust and dirt which can cause them to leak water which is both costly and leads to poor efficiency. On our regular maintenance inspections, our technician will clean the dump and fill valves and ensure they are in good working order.

Little or Low Air Flow

The movement of air through the ducts should be fairly simple but there are numerous components which can affect the air flow. We are able to fully diagnose any problems and replace the components where required whether it be a new set of pads, fan motor and belts we’ve got the expertise to have the problem rectified efficiently.

Strange Odour from Air Ducts

If your getting some unpleasant odours when the system is in use this is usually a sign the system is in need of some maintenance, whether it be a simple case of cleaning the pads or replacing them and giving the water sump and thorough clean our technicians are on hand to resolve these problems with relative ease.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay?

We accept cash, cheque and direct bank transfer, which are all payable whilst our technician is on site.

What if you don’t have the parts at hand?

In the rare case that we do not carry the spare part that’s necessary to fix your machine, we will email the supplier from your location right then and there. You will receive an email with the quote within 48 hrs for the full cost of the repair.

Do you cover my area?

We cover all areas from the Perth CBD down to Dawesville, including Fremantle. So if you are located somewhere South of the River then YES, we’ll be able to come out quickly and get your machine back up and running!

Do I have to wait in all day?

No, you don’t! Just call our friendly office staff and we’ll get you booked in noting any special requirements. You will be offered an appointment within a 3-hour time slot. But don’t worry, we will also always ring on the way to confirm the appointment and make sure you are home. So you don’t have to wast any of your valuable time waiting for your machine being fixed.


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