Gas Room Heater & Fire Servicing – Perth CBD and Southern Suburbs

gas room heaterIf you are having problems with your Gas Room Heater, require a Service/Safety Inspection to your appliance or are even looking to have an appliance Gas Bayonet Connection installed then look no further than Expert Repairs. Whether you have owned your appliance some time or have just built your new home we are here to assist. We are fully licensed and qualified to carry out all your Installation, Servicing and Repairs to your gas room heaters and fires.

We have over 25 years experience within the gas industry so you can trust us to keep your appliance working to it’s optimum performance. We can cater for all makes and models and have access to spare parts from all manufacturers. We are also happy to offer the best advice on the safe use of the appliance.

Standard service is – $132 for a gas heater service.

No Servicing = Possible problems and unsafe situations

Gas heaters need to be properly looked after. An unserviced heater may not operate to its full potential. An appliance which is not serviced is more likely to become unsafe and has the potential to emit dangerous Carbon Monoxide fumes which are potentially dangerous to your family. If you service your heater regularly and use it correctly, it will be safe and economical to use.

Common signs your heater needs a service

  • Does the pilot light go out unexpectedly, or ‘pops’ or ‘bangs’ when lighting?
  • There are sign of heat damage such as discoloration of the walls or heater panels?
  • Are the walls too hot to touch while the heater is on?
  • Are there soot stains around the heater?
  • Does the appliance give off an unusual smell?

When to service

Manufacturers recommend service periods for their appliances, this information may be located in the users manual for the appliance. These should be closely observed and it is generally recommended that appliances are serviced at least every two years. We can also offer you a hassle free maintenance program for your heater where we will notify you on an Annual basis that the service is due and arrange a suitable time for the work to be carried out.

Guaranteed 5 Star Service

  • * No Hidden Charges
  • * Reliable
  • * Competitive Pricing
  • * Quality Workmansip
  • * Fully Qualified & Insured