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Brands We Service

Hot Water System Repairs

Expert Repairs are fully trained and experienced in all hot water system repairs and maintenance, with Manufacturer accreditation for all the leading brands.

An efficient and reliable Hot Water System is a must for any home or business, therefore by using a licensed plumber and gas fitter, you know you will receive the best service. We repair all Gas, Electric and Instant hot water systems from all the major brands.

Hot Water Service and Anode Replacement

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintain your new hot water system, we recommend following manufacturers guidelines and service the unit every 2-3 years, including replacing any valves and anodes to keep your hot water system in a safe and efficient condition, and ultimately prolonging the life span of the system.

Anode replacement is recommended, upto every 5 years, as part of regular and ongoing hot water maintenance but depending on your water quality can be as little as every 2 years. Why do anodes need replacing? – Anodes fitted into your hot water system are made of a sacrificial metal, usually magnesium, and every hot water tank or cylinder has one. An Anode is fitted inside your tank and saves the build-up of scale deposits inside of the unit by reacting with the water and corroding away first. This means your anode is used over time, after which, once the anode has diminished the tank walls will begin to corrode.

The PTR valve found on hot water systems whether it be a tank, cylinder or instantaneous, is a critical safety device and regulated by AU standards. They prevent possible explosions of your hot water system due to rapid expansion of water. Should a fault occur within the Hot Water unit and the PTR valve has become corroded or seized, it will then be unable to release high temperature water and an explosion may occur. For this reason, we always check the valves as part of our comprehensive service and recommend they are replaced every 5 years, as per the manufacturers’ instructions.

What are the signs my system needs some attention?

There are several signs that your system needs a service.

  • Water leaks are a sure sign that a repair is needed. This may not necessarily be due to the hot water system but the valves.
  • Brown or rusty in colour water through any of your hot water outlets.
  • The hot water system is making strange sounds such as creaking, cracking or popping.
  • Pilot light problems where the flame will continually go or is very hard to relight.
  • The water from your hot water system has a strange odour or taste.
  • A reduction in the amount of hot water in the tank or the supply runs cold.
  • The pressure from the taps or shower heads has greatly reduced or stopped.

Expert Repairs are available to repair or service your hot water system. Some common problems we discover during servicing include:

  • Blocked pilot lights
  • Water leaks from valves or pipework
  • Poor or Substandard Installation
  • Gas pressures need adjusting
  • Stuck or leaking relief valves
  • Filters or Strainers blocked with debris, causing flow rate issues
  • Faulty thermocouples, igniters, elements and thermostats.

Most items are able to be repaired, however should we find a safety issue or that the hot water system is beyond repair we will recommend and quote on a replacement.

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Additional Plumbing Services that we offer:

  • Gas leak detection
  • Gas bayonet installation
  • Hot, Cold & Gas pipework Installations
  • Tap Replacements
  • Anode Replacements
  • Fridge Water Supply connections

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