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How split systems work –

A split system consists of two units, a fan and an evaporator, which is usually mounted on a wall inside the property. There is also a compressor, which is generally placed outside the building. Hot air is extracted from inside the building and expelled through the compressor, while coolants cool the outside air before it is passed via the indoor unit inside your property. For heating purposes the system works in the opposite way.

Advantages of split system air conditioners

Flexible and effective

Reverse cycle air conditioners are perfect for any home. They can be used as a single unit to cool or heat one room, or used in conjunction with other split system units in the house to cool or heat a larger area. The benefit of multiple units is that you can cool or heat part of the house as desired and adjust the temperature of each unit accordingly.

Simple to use

A remote control allows you to easily control the temperature in your room and the system works quickly and efficiently. Most modern units also have a wifi feature which allows you to control the unit from an app on your smart phone.

Cost Effective

Split systems are generally cheap to install and only require a few cables and pipes. They can be secured to any wall using a bracket.

Hypo Allergenic

Most systems have a built-in air purifier. This keeps out dust and allergens which is great for people with allergies.


Professional Split System Air Conditioning Installers



A Split System Air Conditioner can be a large investment for your family home, therefore, you need to be sure your system is installed correctly. All of our installations are certificated and fully commissioned prior to use. Correct installation is vital to the performance and lifespan of your new unit. At Expert Repairs we can advise on the best location to install your split system for optimal coverage, keeping you cool on those hot summer days and toasty warm during the winter months.

You can trust us with your installation as we are the local recommended Authorised Service Centre for Kelvinator, part of the Electrolux brand.


We are Environmentally Friendly –


We also guarantee any old systems we decommission are correctly disposed of to ensure we protect our environment and reduce the effects of harmful gasses on our atmosphere. Our technicians are ARC Licensed and fully trained to carry this out.




Reason’s for Calling Us?

At Expert Repairs we are committed to providing our customers with the best in value for all of our services. Our Expert team can assist you with choosing the most suitable and energy efficient system to cool or heat your home, within any budget. We can advise you on the most suitable and cost-effective positioning of the unit. Whether you’re looking to simply replace an older, existing system or starting from scratch, our licensed technicians will provide you with a solution for your home comfort.

Call our team on 9523 0073 to arrange a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION quote or simply forward us your house plans and we will do the rest.

Brands We Install and Recommend –

 Daikin, Fujitsu, Kelvinator, LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Teco

Our Service Area

Cockburn to Dawesville


Split System Air Conditioning Guide

Which size unit do you need?


Choosing the right size unit for your room can feel a little daunting. Most manufacturers web sites can give you an accurate measurement for your individual needs, or you can use this more comprehensive guide 

What’s Included?

 Standard Back to Back Installation

A typical installation is where the internal unit is fitted onto an external wall inside the home.

  • Indoor head unit is mounted no more than 2.4 metres
    high (top of unit)
  • The outdoor condenser unit is placed ‘back to back’
    to the head unit at ground level – *Check diagram 1
  • 3 metres of dual core refrigeration pipework and cable.
  • 15 metres of mains cable connected direct to mains
    distribution board or local circuit.
  • 1 x 2 metre length of PVC duct & capping pipe coverings

Diagram 1:



Non Standard Extra’s Costs –

  • Decommission & Remove Old Unit $175
  • Wall Mount Bracket $120
  • Poly Slab for External Compressor $55
  • Roof Mount Bracket $250
  • 2nd Storey Fee $80
  • Roof Space Cable Runs  $50
  • Refrigerant pipework (per mtr)  $55
  • 5mm Mains Cable (per mtr) $13.50
  • 4mm Mains Cable (per mtr) $16.50
  • Left Hand Discharge  $110
  • Full tin roof sheet removal (per sheet)      $44
  • Partial tin roof sheet removal (per sheet) $22
  • Additional Electrical work required By Quote


Complete Home Comfort Package?


Standard Back to Back Pricing – Supply & Install –


Kelvinator C2.5kW H3.2kW Reverse Cycle Split System KSV25HRH – $1,300

Kelvinator C3.5kW H4.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System KSV35HRH – $1,599

Kelvinator C5.0kW H6.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System KSV50HRH – $1,999

Kelvinator C7.1kW H8.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System KSV71HRH – $2,349


Fujitsu ASTG09KMCA 2.5kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner – $1,450

Fujitsu ASTG12KMCA 3.5kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner – $1,650

Fujitsu ASTG18KMCA 5.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner – $2,149

Fujitsu ASTG22KMCA 6.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner – $2,299

Fujitsu ASTG24KMCA 7.1kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner – $2,449


Teco 2.5kW/2.5kW Inverter Split System TWSTSO25HVGT – $1,300

Teco 3.5kW/3.6kW Inverter Split System Air Conditioner TWSTSO35HVEM – $1,500

Teco 5kW/5.2kW Inverter Split System Air Conditioner TWSTSO50HVEM – $1,800

Teco 7.0kW/7.0kW Inverter Split System TWSTSO70HVGT – $2,099

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