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Oven Reviews: Comparing Australia’s Top Oven Brands

Looking for oven reviews in order to buy the best oven for your cooking and baking needs?

The best starting point for most of us is to seek out oven reviews and opinions from other people we know and trust. This will help you not only get the best oven for your needs, but prevent expensive oven repairs in the near future as well. While the reviews of your friends and family can help to steer you towards the right brand, there’s a good chance that you’re going to need a lot more information to make your final decision.

After all, every oven comes with its strengths and weaknesses to consider.

If you’re feeling the heat with your upcoming oven purchasing decision, this review of Australia’s most popular oven brands should give you the guidance you need to make an informed decision.

Let’s get started with the Oven reviews.


Oven Reviews: Bosch Ovens

Bosch Oven Reviews

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You don’t have to be a tech fanatic to know the name Bosch – it’s a brand synonymous with reliability, innovation, and style. Bosch has created everything from state-of-the-art ovens to washing machines, refrigerators, and even dishwashers too. Bosch offers a great selection of ovens, including:

  • Built-in single ovens
  • Built-in double ovens

Bosch Built-in Single Ovens

The Bosch Built-in single oven portfolio comes with two series to choose from “Series 8” models, and “series 6”.

The series 8 models are designed for people who want simpler baking and cooking experiences. They come with features like:

  • PerfectBake and PerfectRoast sensors
  • Pyrolytic self-cleaning
  • EcoClean coatings that absorb grime
  • 4D hot air for even cooking results
  • Autopilot settings (10 pre-set modes)
  • Bosch assist

Bosch Series 8 models come at a range of pricing levels, from the HRG6767S2A at around $3,499, to the HBG672BS1A at $2,199.

The series 6 portfolio only contains 6 five models, compared to the series 8 selection of 13. In the Series 6 range, you can expect many of the same features you’d get from the Series 8, including Hotair Eco, Pyrolytic self-cleaning and more. The difference here is that the series 6 selection is designed for a lower budget range. The highest-priced series 6 is the HVA541NS0 at $2,699. On the other hand, the most cost-efficient option is the HBA13B253A at $1,149.


Bosch Built-In Double Ovens

Bosch Built-In Double Ovens

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For those with more to cook, Bosch also offers a moderate range of double ovens. The double oven from Bosch allows you to cook various meals at different temperatures. The two options available right now are the HBM43B250A at $2,699, and the HBM43S550A at $3,299.

Are Bosch Ovens Good Value?

So, should you consider investing in a Bosch oven? Well, there is a decent range to choose from, with a selection of price points available too. Of course, for some homeowners, Bosch may come in at the pricier end of the scale, with most devices over $2,000 mark. Of course, you can get a great result with a Series 6 oven, which features many of the top solutions you would expect from the more expensive Series 8 – just for a lower price.

Options like the HBA13B253A are often highly recommended and offer a great result despite their modest price. Alternatively, the double ovens from Bosch may be a lot pricier than some homeowners can afford – and there’s a chance you can find a larger model out there for a lower cost. Despite this, Bosch still earns its place a high-end oven provider. The high prices of this brand also translate into high quality too!

Throughout 2017, Australian customers gave Bosch 5 stars out of 5 for overall customer satisfaction, and Bosch has retained its position at the top of the customer satisfaction list for ovens in the official oven reviews. Bosch products achieve 5-star ratings across all categories, including reliability, performance, and functionality.

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 Oven Reviews: Smeg Ovens

smeg ovens

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An Italian home appliance brand, Smeg offers Australian consumers the chance to enjoy elegance and sophistication from their cooking solutions. The Smeg line focuses on the perfect combination of high-performance technology and style, with a range of models to choose from. Smeg ovens include:

  • 600mm electric ovens
  • Double Ovens
  • Pyrolytic ovens
  • Steam Ovens
  • Large wall ovens

Smeg 600mm Electric Ovens

Smeg’s 600mm electric ovens have earned a positive reputation for their ability to offer constant temperatures and exceptional reliability. The “Thermoseal” oven construction sets Smeg apart as a truly unique manufacturer. This thermoseal solution reduces the exchange of air inside and outside of the oven, to ensure that food retains its moisture.

One of the more expensive electric wall ovens from Smeg is the SFPA395X. Usually, you can expect to pay around $3,000 for this 79l model, which comes with rapid pre-heating, cool door features, control locks, auto end-cooking and eco functionality. Alternatively, for a much lower price, you can try the SFA125 oven at just under $2,000. This model is very similar to it’s more expensive counterparts, but it comes without smart sense programs and only 9 cooking functions instead of 10.

Smeg Double Ovens

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, Smeg currently stocks around 9 different double ovens. These models come with a range of great features, including the Smart Sense solutions we mentioned above, and 5 different cooking levels. One of the biggest and most expensive options is the DOSPA6395X thermoseal oven, which comes with an abundance of great features including pyrolytic cleaning and 17 cooking functions.

Smeg Pyrolytic Ovens

Smeg Pyrolytic Ovens

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For those new to the cooking and baking world, Pyrolytic ovens are designed to use high-temperatures to break food waste down into fine ash. This eliminates some of the cleaning and maintenance responsibilities associated with a standard oven. Smeg ovens self-clean within 90 minutes, and there are about 30 models to choose from.

One of the more expensive options is the 90l SFPA7395X. This oven comes with an integrated electric grill, high visibility black glass, 50+ smart sense automatic menus and more. Of course, you can also expect to pay a price tag of over $4,000. Pyrolytic ovens by Smeg range all the way from $7,642 at the highest end, to $2,000 at the lowest.

Smeg Steam Ovens


Steam ovens help you to take a healthier approach to cooking by enhancing the flavour of your meals with steam. There are seventeen steam ovens to choose from in the Smeg range, and many of them can help to defrost and sterilise your food too.

Smeg steam ovens are tricky because they’re designed specifically for a purpose. The niche nature of these products may mean that you don’t feel comfortable paying around $3,000 for an oven you can only use “sometimes.” Of course, Smeg steam ovens like the SA45VX2 multi-function oven can be cheaper than counterparts from other brands.

Smeg Large Wall Ovens

Much wider than their single oven brethren, large wall ovens are perfect for large families or people who entertain frequently. Smeg has a range of three large ovens available, available at prices between $3,137 and $3,222. The most popular is the SFA9315XR oven, which comes with cool door technology, vapour clean, and a touch display.

Are Smeg Ovens Worth It?

So, should you consider buying a Smeg oven? Well, there is a broad range of models to choose from – even more than you can expect from the likes of Bosch. Additionally, Smeg has a selection of niche oven types like Steam and Large Wall ovens available too. However, Australian customers only gave Smeg 3 out of 5 stars for overall satisfaction. That means that Smeg only ranks slightly above average in everything from price value, to performance.

Oven Reviews: Miele Ovens

Miele Ovens

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No Oven Reviews would be complete without including Miele ovens. Miele is one of the most popular premium appliance brands in Australia. Because it’s a high-end company, you can expect to pay a little more from an oven that comes from Miele. However, sometimes you do get what you pay for, so it’s worth checking out the features and functionalities of Miele products. Miele has more than 30 different ovens to choose from, ranging from single ovens to compact ovens.

Miele Single Ovens

Miele’s biggest oven selection by far is in the “single oven” section. Currently, there are 18 single ovens in the Miele range, and they can cost anywhere between $1,300 and $7,000 depending on the features you’re looking for.

The cheapest Miele single oven is the H2260 B PerfectClean, at $1,300. It’s a very basic oven model that doesn’t come with any specific high-tech features like we’ve seen from other brands. However, it’s an attractive model with a self-cleaning enamel features and a cool front cooling system. There’s also a range of operating modes if you’re looking for an easier cooking experience.

The most expensive Miele single oven is the Miele “all-rounder” at $7,000. It comes with 13+ cooking functions, 17 special features and a range of updates including electronic temperature control, automatic settings and a lot more. This model is well worth the money if you have it. However, even the cheapest model is great value considering what it can accomplish.

Miele Compact Ovens

Miele compact ovens come with a range of standard features like Twin power hot air fans for fast food heating, and easy control with a 7-segment display. There are only two models in Miele’s compact oven range – including the HG890 all-rounder, which costs around $14,000. This highly expensive compact model is clearly not for those with a tight budget, but it is one of the most comprehensive cooking machines around, with 20 additional features, including:

  • Moisture plus
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Pyrolytic self-cleaning
  • Automatic programs
  • Residual heat utilisation

Miele Steam Ovens

As mentioned above, steam ovens are really only appealing to those who have a strong focus on eating and cooking healthy meals. Miele offers a total of 5 steam ovens, including features like:

  • Multisteam solutions
  • Keep warm functions
  • Convenient descaling programs
  • Quality-independent cooking

One of the most popular models is the DG 6200, which costs around $2,599. Although the price is a little more than the industry standard for a steam oven, it comes with 15 extra features to enjoy. There’s also a $3500 option in the DG 6401 which comes with 19 different features, including recommended temperatures and compartment lighting.

Miele Speed Ovens

Miele Speed ovens are highly similar to the standard oven, but they can cook your meals a lot faster. If you don’t have much time to waste on your food, then you could benefit from a Miele speed oven. There are 8 models to choose from, ranging in price between $4,000 and $5,500.

Models like the H6800 BM speed oven comes with food probe functions, special automatic programmes, and a front cooling system for additional user safety. Essentially, you’ll need to decide whether you need “fast food” enough to warrant a purchase that costs you more than $4,000. If you don’t mind waiting, a standard oven might be fine for you.

Are Miele Ovens Worth It?

If you’re looking for a premium oven that looks great and performs well too, then you really can’t go wrong with Miele. The company has a reputation for offering great value for money despite higher product prices, because these appliances do a great job, and they last for an extended period. Australian customers in 2017 gave Miele an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars, which makes them a great option for any homeowner.

Oven Reviews: Fisher & Paykel Ovens

Fisher & Paykel Ovens

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Fisher & Paykel are probably one of the best-known home appliance brands in Australia – thanks in part to the fact that they’ve been creating ovens and fridges since 1934. Fisher & Paykel is a New Zealand brand which offers a broad range of oven options, including:

  • Single electric ovens
  • Double Ovens
  • Pyrolytic ovens
  • Large wall ovens

Fisher & Paykel Single Electric Ovens

Most of Fisher & Paykel’s ovens are single electric oven – one of the most common and popular appliances in the Australian household. Of all the brands we’ve covered so far, Fisher & Paykel has one of the broadest price ranges, with ovens priced from $800 to $4000.

The most expensive Fisher & Paykel oven is the CG604DNGGB1OB60SL11 Cooking Package at $4,021. This model comes with an oven and cooking top (Stove) which is why it might be a lot pricier than the other options. It comes with exclusive ActiveVent technology which allows users to control the moisture in their oven. There’s also features like:

  • An advanced cooling system
  • Catalytic venting systems
  • Automatic Timers

At the cheapest end of the scale, there’s the OB60SC5CEW1 Electric Wall Oven at $757. This model comes with an 85L capacity, and it’s made out of stainless steel. There are only five functions to choose from, but you can enjoy whisper quiet cooking, which helps to reduce the noise of your cooking programs.

Fisher & Paykel Pyrolytic Ovens

Fisher & Paykel offer a range of 7 different pyrolytic ovens, ranging in price from a standard $2,650, to a pricy $6,250. The most expensive model is the OB76DDEPX3 Electric Wall Oven. It’s a huge piece of equipment, measuring in at 76cm wide and 120cm high, with a gross capacity of 115L. This pyrolytic oven is also a double-model so that you can cook a lot of separate meals at once. There are also 11 different oven functions to choose from, look bake, grill, roast, and convection. This high-end option comes in at $6,027.

Alternatively, for those in search of something cheaper, there’s OR90SDBGFPX1 Freestanding Dual Fuel Oven/Stove at almost half the price: $3,307. This oven comes with 85l of capacity, and very few features to speak of. Unfortunately, the only notable features here are the removable shelves and the rapid cooling system.

Fisher & Paykel Double Ovens

Fisher & Paykel Double Ovens

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For anyone who needs space for their cooking experiments, Fisher & Paykel offer a range of five different double ovens, with prices between $2,000 and $6,250 on average. One of the more expensive double ovens is the OB60B77DEX3 600mm/60cm Electric Wall Oven which comes with features like a cool-touch door, removable shelves, and self-cleaning catalytic runners.

One of the things that really stands out about Fisher & Paykel double ovens is that they are very large. In fact, they’re designed to really cover just about any sized family or event. At the same time, these models are much cheaper than a lot of the options offered by other brands on the market today.

Fisher & Paykel Large Wall Ovens

Large wall ovens are another great solution for anyone who enjoys cooking for dinner parties and big families. If you’re always responsible for holiday dinners, then this could be perfect for your Aussie household. Fisher & Paykel offer two different large wall ovens – the OB90S9MEPX3 Pyrolytic Electric Wall Oven at $3,370 which features:

  • 4 cooking settings
  • Catalytic smoke eliminator
  • Quick pre-heat
  • Cool touch door
  • Aerotech cooking

There’s also the OB90S9MEX3 Electric Wall Oven for $2,875, which comes with many of the same features of the more expensive counterpart above, including a few extras like precise electronic temperature control.

Are Fisher & Paykel Ovens worth It?

Fisher & Paykel have a good reputation for performance and reliability. There are 28 different models for customers to choose from today, so you’re pretty sure to find something that’s going to suit your needs. What’s more, many Fisher & Paykel ovens come at a great price point for the features they offer. In 2017, Australian consumers gave the brand 4 out of 5 stars for overall customer satisfaction according to CanstarBlue Oven reviews.

Oven Reviews: Electrolux Ovens

Electrolux Ovens

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A world leader in the home appliances sector, Electrolux delivers an incredible 60 million products to customers worldwide every year. Not only is this company incredibly diverse, but it’s reliable too! Electrolux’s oven range includes 16 models, which are mostly built-in options. The sections we’ll be looking at here are:

  • Single pyrolytic ovens
  • Double Ovens
  • Steam Ovens

Electrolux Single Pyrolytic Ovens

Single Pyrolytic ovens are the area in which Electrolux seems to excel. In fact, 9 out of their 16 available ovens are in this category. Alongside the pyrolytic self-cleaning feature, Electrolux ovens also come with a range of other standard features such as:

  • Easy heat control
  • Split grill systems
  • Twin fans
  • Soft close doors
  • 80L+ Capacity
  • Smart food probe
  • Full-flex telescopic runners

One of the most expensive pyrolytic ovens from Electrolux is the EFEP915SB model which comes with mark-resistance stainless steel and 125L capacity. Available for around $5,000 this model also comes with a flame failure safety device for peace of mind. On the less expensive end of the scale, you’ve got the EVEP604SC for $1405. This oven comes with rotary knobs, a cool touch door, and an 80L capacity.

One advantage of Electrolux Pyrolytic ovens is their size. If you’ve got a lot of food to cook, then more expensive models can hold up to 125 litres.

Electrolux Double Ovens

Electrolux Double Ovens

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Speaking of homeowners who need more space in their ovens, Electrolux offers four unique double ovens to choose from, and many of them have the same features as the pyrolytic ovens above. The only real difference is that you get a bigger size. For instance, the most expensive double oven – the EVEP626SC for $4,246 has an 80L capacity.

Although the double ovens are a little more cost-efficient than their pyrolytic counterparts, they don’t have a huge selection of extra functions to boast about. However, if you’re looking for function over fancy features, then Electrolux has you covered.

Electrolux Steam Ovens

Electrolux Steam Ovens

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Electrolux offers three different steam model ovens so that you can cook healthier meals at home with ease. The Electrolux steam range comes with features like:

  • A fast heat-up feature
  • Pre-defined cooking programs
  • Stylish control panels
  • IOI technology
  • Smart food probes
  • Pyrolytic self-cleaning

The Electrolux steam ovens like the 678SC CombiSteam model will even allow you to switch between steam and standard cooking – although you’ll need to pay a little more for the privilege, at a price point of around $3,000.

Are Electrolux Ovens Worth It?

One of the things that really makes Electrolux stand out in the home appliance market is their commitment to reliability and quality. While some of the Electrolux ovens on the market today are on the pricey side, they will stand the test of time. In 2017, consumers across Australia gave Electrolux an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars for overall consumer satisfaction.

Reviewing Westinghouse Ovens

Westinghouse Ovens

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Westinghouse is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Electrolux. This company is known for its incredible quality and high-performance home appliances. One of the top products that Westinghouse sells is ovens, with 36 different models available across categories like:

  • Singly pyrolytic ovens
  • Single steam ovens
  • Double Ovens
  • Traditional single ovens

Westinghouse Single Pyrolytic Ovens

There are three different kinds of single pyrolytic ovens in the Westinghouse portfolio. These self-cleaning ovens are generally far more convenient than standard ovens, but they can be more expensive too. Westinghouse’s models come with features like:

  • Family safe cool doors
  • Family-sized capacity (80L+)
  • Programmable Timer
  • Touch displays
  • 10 different functions
  • Fingerprint-resistant steel

Models like the WVEP618S at $2,170 offer a great all-around option with a host of 10 cooking functions, touch controls, and a quadruple glazed door. Of course, if you’re looking for something cheaper, there’s the WVEP615W multi-function oven at $1,350. This has many of the same features as the WVEP618S but without the stainless-steel exterior and touch controls.

Westinghouse Single Steam Ovens

Westinghouse Single Steam Ovens

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For those who want a healthier meal, Steam ovens by Westinghouse include features like touch-on-glass controls, the ultimate family roast setting, and telescopic runners so you can remove trays at will. One of the more expensive steam options in the Westinghouse range is the WVE617W which comes with 13 different functions including quick heat. There’s also a steam reheat option too. Compared to other steam ovens, the Westinghouse range between $1,750 and over $2,000 is quite cheap.

Westinghouse Double Ovens

For those who want to feed large families, or entertain more frequently, Westinghouse double ovens come with large capacities, anti-spatter grill inserts, and dual cavity functions so you can cook different meals at different temperatures at the same time.

The most expensive double oven by Westinghouse right now is the WVE636W oven which costs about $3,000. This model is also a pyrolytic oven, and it comes with an 80l capacity. It comes with a multitude of different cooking options, including 8 available settings and programmable timers. Alternatively, the cheapest option is the $1,423 WVE626S Electric Multi-function Duo Wall Oven with multi-layer glazed doors and family-safe cooling.

Westinghouse Traditional Single Ovens

Finally, there are around 17 different models to choose from in the “traditional” single ovens category from Westinghouse. The great thing about these models is that if you’re on a tight budget, you can find a Westinghouse traditional oven for a very low price. In fact, costs range anywhere from $599 to $2,263. One of the cheaper options, the WVES613S Stainless steel fan forced side opening oven comes with a side-opening door and a 2-hour auto-off timer for $876. If you’re spending on a budget, Westinghouse models are very basic, but they are also extremely affordable and great value for money.

Are Westinghouse Ovens Worth It?

Compared to some of the other clever oven options on the market today, it could be argued that Westinghouse only offers a somewhat simple selection. However, if you’re looking for a reliable oven that’s not going to break the bank, you can’t go wrong with Westinghouse. In 2017, Australian customers gave the brand a total rating of 4 out of 5 stars for satisfaction.

Reviewing Chef Ovens

Chef Ovens

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Finally, we come to Chef ovens – a brand specifically specialising in cooking appliances – hence the catchy name. Not only does Chef offer a broad range of different types of oven, but the company also delivers some of the lowest prices around – which is great for anyone on a tight budget.

If you’re looking for more bang from your book, Chef has three types of oven to choose from:

  • Conventional ovens
  • Fan-forced ovens
  • Multi-function ovens

Chef Conventional Ovens

There are only 2 conventional ovens in the Chef range right now, but each of them comes with great features like a separate grill compartment, a cooling fan, and an easy-to-clean shelf supports. The more expensive option – the EXC617W also comes with a 60-minute timer and a huge 80L capacity. Even though it’s more expensive, this model is still only $745. Despite their low prices, Chef conventional ovens offer competitive features, although they might not be as innovative as the products from Bosch and Miele.

Chef Fan Forced Ovens

Chef Fan Forced Ovens

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Fan-forced ovens can help to cook your food faster by using fans to spread heat evening around the inside. Chef’s selection of fan-forced ovens consists of seven different models, ranging from the EGC627W at $1,302 with a separate grill, and 80L capacity, to the much cheaper EOC627W model with an air-cooled door and easy-to-clean shelf, supports at $609.

Compared to other brands on the market today, Chef offers fan-forced models at a highly reduced price, which is great for anyone who is shopping on a tight budget. Of course, it’s worth noting that these ovens also lack any of the advanced features you might get from a company like Blanco or Miele. Chef ovens are extremely basic. However, if you’re looking for something that will cook your food well and won’t break the bank, then they can get the job done.

Chef Multi-Function Ovens

Finally, for those looking for a range of cooking options and more choice, multi-function ovens from Chef can be a wonderful solution. These ovens can both heat your food by evenly spreading hot air around your meals or using fans to distribute heat. There are 7 multi-function ovens in the Chef range. The most expensive option is the CVEP604SA model at $1,300. This product comes with:

  • Fan-forced versatility
  • 80l capacity
  • Easy-clean shelves
  • 60-minute timer
  • Air-cooled door

The least-expensive multi-function oven is the CVE612WA at $663, which comes with 3 different unique oven functions, an 80L capacity, and mark-resistant stainless steel. Once again, the multi-function range is extremely cheap, and it also offers better value for money than the fan-forced range thanks to the broader collection of features. These models can perform a range of tasks with things like grill, defrost, roast and bake modes.

Are Chef Ovens Worth It?

Ultimately, Chef isn’t the most innovative oven brand in the world, but it is one of the cheapest. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly appliance that’s going to cook your food reliably every time, then Chef gives you an experience that you can depend on. If you want a smart oven look elsewhere, but for those who aren’t interested in clever cooking, Chef is a great choice. In 2017, Aussie consumers rated Chef with 4 out of 5 stars for customer satisfaction.


Ready to Choose your Optimal Oven?


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There you have it! A complete Oven Review of the most popular oven brands in Australia. Ultimately, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to buying the perfect oven. The experiences that you’ve had in the past, the things that you want to accomplish with your new oven (from steaming to baking) and your own personal preferences will all help to shape your choice. With a little luck, however, this guide will have given you the initial information you need to make a more confident selection!













Oven Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Best Oven For Your Needs

In this Oven Buyer’s Guide, you’ll discover all the information you need to make the best, most informed decision about your oven. Whether you’re choosing an oven to slot into a specific space, or you want an upgrade to suit your preferred styles of cooking, the following guide is sure to help.

The oven is a crucial component in any kitchen. It’s where you make your meals for the day, where you explore new hobbies like baking, and it’s the device that the rest of your kitchen centres around. Since an oven is crucial to ensuring your family gets the nutrition they need each day, it’s important to make sure you have the right one in your home. Of course – that isn’t always easy.

Even if you did happen to be a culinary mastermind with insider understanding of terms like “convection” and “fan-heated”, the sheer number of different models and designs available in the market today could leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed.

A good oven should be something that lasts for years and offers you consistently delicious dishes day after day. Whatever your lifestyle and budget, you can rest assured that there’s an oven out there to suit you – all you need to do is find it!

Let’s get started.

Oven Buyer’s Guide: Handy Guide

The Basics: Choosing the Perfect Oven

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when buying a new oven. There are countless different factors to consider, with various types, features, and designs to choose from. Some ovens are all about versatility – giving you the freedom you need to cook the food that’s right for you. Other ovens are all about speed and efficiency – ideal when you just can’t wait for that fresh, crispy pizza.

Here are just some of the basics to consider:

Electric Vs Gas Ovens

The first thing you need to decide is what kind of fuel you’re going to use to power your oven. This should be an easy choice if you’re replacing a previous model and you want to keep things simple. However, if you want to make your choice based on the benefits of each fuel, here’s what you need to know:

Electric Ovens

  • Cheaper than gas ovens
  • More versatile with a range of layouts and functions to choose from, including grill elements and fan cooking.
  • Pre-heating times are about the same as gas.


Oven Buyer's Guide

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Gas Ovens

  • Require a gas connection
  • Retains more moisture in food – perfect for baking and roasts
  • Circulates heat evenly when combined with a fan.

Gas Oven

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Built-in Vs Free-Standing

Next, you’ll need to think about how your new oven is going to fit into your kitchen space. For instance, are you simply going to place it somewhere in the kitchen, or do you want it to fit into a cabinet, or under a worktop.

Freestanding ovens:

  • Area completely separate unit with a cooktop and grill
  • Come in a range of different designs and sizes
  • Are perfect for smaller kitchens when you’re trying to preserve space.


Free standing oven

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Built-in ovens:

  • Can be placed into a wall recess, under a kitchen bench, and in other specific areas.
  • Help to preserve the overall look of your kitchen
  • Can come with separate oven tops depending on your needs.

Double Vs Single Ovens

So, you know how you want to power your oven, and how it’s going to fit into your kitchen design. Now, you can start to think about exactly how much cooking convenience you want. For instance, do you want a double oven or just a single model?

Single ovens are perfect for when space is tight, and you don’t need to cook a lot of food at once. For instance, if you don’t bake much for pleasure, and you generally only cook for a couple of people, then single ovens are a perfect way to get the functionality you need without taking up too much space.

Alternatively, double ovens are far more versatile and can be the perfect option for families. There are two types of double oven available, including built-in ovens, and stand-alone models. The key thing to remember when you’re purchasing a double oven is that you’ll need to measure the space beforehand to check that you have enough room to fit such a large piece of equipment.

Size and Capacity

Size and capacity will always be important components to consider when choosing the perfect oven. After all, you need to make sure that the oven you choose fits in your kitchen and gives you enough versatility to cook the meals and treats you like most. Most gas and electric ranges are about 30 inches wide, though you can get professional styles with a 36-inch width.

Keep in mind that a spacious oven can be incredibly useful when you plan on entertaining, or if you like baking in your spare time. Some of the smallest ovens measure in at around 2 cubic feet in capacity, while larger models are closer to 4 cubic feet.

Pros and Cons

To help you narrow your choices down a little further, here’s a quick graph covering some of the most common oven types available. Remember, every oven is different so you’ll need to do a little research on your preferred model to ensure that you’re getting the pros outlined below, but this guide should give you a basic starting point.

Type of Oven Toaster OvenSteam OvenConvection OvenElectric OvenGas Oven
Pros– Small and simple
– More energy efficient than a standard oven.
– Lightweight
– Uses pressurized steam to cook.
– Cooks faster than baking or roasting.
– Healthier – retains more nutrients
– Faster cooking
– Provides even heating
– Energy Efficient
– Provides an even heat all around.
– Less likely to rust.
– Retains more moisture in doughs and baking.
– Quick to heat up.
Cons – Takes longer to heat.
– No automatic cooking functions.
– Only good for certain types of cooking. – Difficult to get dough to rise.
– More fragile and susceptible to breaking.
– Heats up slower.
– Hard to manage temperature.
– High energy consumption.
– Requires a gas connection.
– Needs a fan to distribute heat evenly.


Functional Features: Finding the Oven that “Works” for You

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, it’s time to think about the additional functional features you might need from your oven. Depending on your personal preferences, how often you like to cook, and how many people you cook for, you might find that it’s helpful to invest in an oven with special features, like dual capacity, or a timer feature. Here are just some of the “functional features” you might want to think about when choosing the ideal oven.

Dual Ovens

dual ovens

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If you always seem to be the person hosting the large family dinners, or you’re constantly responsible for Christmas lunch, then a dual oven might be the right way to go.

Everyone with a passion for cooking and a lot of mouths to feed has struggled to find a compromise with the perfect temperature setting on their oven in the past. However, desperately trying to cram everything into an oven that simply can’t handle it all can lead to disaster. Your oven might break and you’ll be required to call an expert oven repairs service for some help.

If your cooking experiences often leave you seeing double, then make sure that you have the right oven to handle it. A dual-oven gives you double the space and double the versatility when it comes to roasting turkeys and baking treats. You can even get dual ovens with different capacities so that you’re not wasting any excess energy.

Each oven in a dual set-up has its own set of temperature controls and solutions for minimal stress during your meal-prep. If you’re only cooking for a couple of people, you can simply keep the larger oven switched off, and stick with the smaller one.

Convection Ovens

Convection oven

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The chances are you’ve already heard of convection heating. It simply means that your oven uses a fan to circulate the hot air in your oven for faster, and more even heat distribution. This is much more efficient than the standard radiant heating of an old-fashioned oven.

If you’re looking to save money on energy, and cook your meals much faster too, then a convection oven could be the key. While this equipment isn’t exactly new, it’s something that many homes still haven’t taken advantage of. With a convection oven, you don’t have to worry about things heating differently depending on where they’re placed in the oven itself. Instead, everything gets the same distribution, and rack placement becomes less of an oven problem.

Sabbath Mode

At first glance, “Sabbath Mode” seems a lot like the name of a heavy-metal album, or a religious sect. However, it’s something that can make cooking and baking much easier for everyone involved. When your oven has “Sabbath mode” built-in, this means that it comes with a convenient “hold” feature which keeps your food at eating temperature for a set amount of time, without cooking it any further.

Many commercial ovens have features like this, particularly if the company in question isn’t large enough to afford its own dish-warming devices yet. If you’re worried about keeping dinner warm when your other half works late, or you simply want to be able to serve fresh and warm dishes to your guests when they arrive at an undefined time to a dinner party, Sabbath mode can help.

Glass Doors

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While glass doors might not seem like a big deal at first, they can be an important feature when choosing the perfect oven. Not only do these doors look great, but they also mean that you can look in on your food as its cooking. When you include this feature in your search for an oven, you’ll save cash on the wasted energy that seeps out of your device every time you open the door to peek at what’s cooking.

When you’re not totally sure how long a meal or bake will take, it’s a good idea to invest in glass doors. This will help to give you an instant assessment of your food, so you can either start laying the table, or return to the living room to relax for a little longer.

Timers and Delayed-Start Features

oven timer

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Finally, let’s face it – it’s much easier to become a cooking pro when you don’t have to watch the clock to make sure that you’re not burning your entrees. It’s all too easy to lose track of time when you’re cleaning the house, watching television, or running yourself a nice hot bath.

A timer can automatically tell your oven to shut off when the cooking time has elapsed, so you’re less likely to fill the house with smoke.

Combine the timer feature with a delayed-start option and you have the ultimate combo. For instance, if you want to put your cookies in the oven, but you’re planning on going for a long shower, you can set them to start cooking in twenty minutes or so, so you don’t have to rush out of the bathroom when your home smells like a burning bakery.

How to Choose the Best Oven for Your Needs

Modern ovens come with plenty of great functions to choose from. If you tend to stick with basic meals, and you don’t like to cook often, then you’re free to stick with a simple oven that doesn’t have many extra features. On the other hand, if you’re the kind of chef who likes to experiment, then you’ll have plenty of new tech to play with.

For instance, a fan-adjusted oven will help to distribute heat more evenly around your oven, while a timer makes sure that you end up with fewer burnt meals. Here are just a few additional things to consider before you make the decision on that ultimate oven.


Do You Need a Grill?

Most ovens will come with a grill feature, but you might be surprised to learn that there are a host of grill options to choose from. For instance, with a simple grill, you can place your dish inside and move it closer to the grill to get a faster cook. On the other hand, a variable grill will allow you to set the temperature according to your needs.


Do You Need a Bottom Drawer?

Some ovens come with a bottom drawer that offers a range of different functions, including the opportunity to act as a separate oven cavity, or broiler drawer. Depending on your cooking preferences, your bottom drawer can even keep your meals warm for you when you’re getting ready to serve.


Do You Need Special Cooking Features?

Some more high-tech ovens in the marketplace today come with special settings when you’re baking, cooking pizzas, or proofing a batch of dough for some bread. If you’re the kind of person who likes to experiment with meals, these special features could be ideal for you.


Do You Need Wireless Connectivity?

You might be wondering why you would need something like wireless connectivity for your oven – but you’d be surprised how useful this option can be. Ovens with built-in wireless capabilities allow you to control your oven from your smartphone. This is ideal when you’re worried you might have left the oven on after you go to work.


Do You Need Simpler Maintenance?

If you’re not the kind of person who likes to spend a lot of time cleaning their oven (and who is?) or spend few hours learning some DIY oven repairs lessons online, then you can choose a model that’s easy to clean. These options are resistant to grease, are less likely to have food particles burned on, and they’re easier to clean too!


How Much Are You Willing to Pay?

Finally, the budget is the last thing you’ll need to consider when you’ve chosen all the other elements of your perfect oven. In Australia, the average oven can range anywhere from a cost of $400 to over $3000 depending on what features you’re looking for. The more energy-efficient ovens, with larger capacities and more features, are more likely to set you back a pretty penny.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about buying the perfect oven for your cooking needs.

Although this guide might not cover every question you’ve ever had about ovens, it’s hopefully enough to give you an insight into what you can find on the market today – and what you really need. Now all you need to do is go out there and buy your ultimate oven.

Good luck!









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