The Top 100 Food Bloggers You Need To Check Out

When you’re looking to try something different in the kitchen, it helps to have some inspiration. Food bloggers have made a big impact on home cooking, encouraging people to get cozy in their kitchens again.  

While we are known as Perth’s oven repair experts, cooking isn’t part of our core expertise! After exploring the blossoming food blogging scene, we’re delighted to be able to introduce you to some of the most delicious food blogs on the internet.

We provide plenty of food envy by looking at the best food blogs that you should follow.

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1. Phoodie


Phoodie, a wife mother and dedicated food blogger, discovered her passion for culinary delights at the tender age of 3. Ever since her toddler years, Phoodie has been baking, cooking and writing recipes that explore her Lebanese and Greek routes. Though she studies Interior Design and Architecture throughout her academic life, Phoodie always knew that food is where she would “end up”.

Today, her blog is a hub for anyone with a passion food, where you can find cooking tips, delicious recipes, and pictures to make your mouth water. Phoodie is also a regular contributor to the largest Women’s website in Australia, Mamamia.

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2. Emma Galloway

Emma Galloway

Emma Galloway is the creative mind behind “My Darling Lemon Thyme”, a food-obsessed corner of the internet where people with a love for flavour can thrive. Emma grew up in a vegetarian family that loved and appreciated nature. She learned how to grow her own organic foods over the years, and after she left school, Emma trained to be a chef, predominantly specialising in pastry stores around Australia and New Zealand.

When Emma started her website back in 2010, she saw it as a way of sharing her delicious, vegetarian, and gluten-free foods with the world. You can also find plenty of tips on organic gardening here too!

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3. Sarah Kieffer

Sarah Kieffer

Sarah Kieffer is the passionate author of the Vanilla Bean blog, a charming website where visitors can find delightful photographs, baking recipes, and plenty of fun and friendly musings. Sarah has always found comfort and relaxation in the act of baking, and she created her website as a way of sharing some of that tranquility with the masses.

Sarah lives surrounded by nature in Minneapolis Minnesota, where she lives as a mum and dedicated baker with her two children. You’re sure to love every moment on this soulful blog about heart-warming food.

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4. Mayssam


Mayssam defines food as her “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”. Born and raised in Lebanon, the author of the “Will Travel for Food” blog lived in New York City for a while, until she finally decided to settle down in Montreal. She’s worked as an interior designer, caterer, and graphic artist throughout the years, and brings her unique experiences into her discussions about travel and food.

If you’re looking for a blog that will help you to explore the world and discover new tastes from the comfort of your own home, then you’re sure to find everything you need with Mayssam and her wonderful corner of the internet.

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5. Maureen Abood

Maureen Abood

Maureen Abood specialises in mouth-watering Lebanese recipes, which she shares frequently on her blog alongside stunning pictures and everyday musings. Maureen is a writer by trade, who has had her work published in some high-level places, including the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune.

After a difficult period in her life, Maureen decided to pack up her life and move to San Francisco, where she began culinary school. Since then, she’s been writing, cooking, and sharing her experiences on her blog for the world to enjoy. Maureen is even a published author, with her very own cooking book inspired by classic Lebanese recipes.

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6. George Graham

George Graham

George Graham is the inspiring author behind “”, a food and lifestyle blog that delivers incredible insights into the tastes of the Creole landscape. George began his love affair with food and art in France, where he discovered that the people of Provence celebrate ever meal for it’s cultural importance and beauty.

On his blog, George shares some incredible recipes, lifestyle tips, and a range of other fantastic pieces of content that’s sure to spark the creative fire in your soul. You can even check out George’s cookbook, which includes a selection of some of his favourite recipes from throughout the years.

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7. Molly


Molly started her food blog as a personal diary where she could store some of her favourite recipes and food experiences. A delightful author with a charming personality, Molly writes blogs that are sure to appeal to your emotional side, and if that wasn’t enough, her pictures of her food will get your mouth watering in seconds.

Molly has her very own flock of chickens, and she lives in New York, where she spends most of her time experimenting with flavour or playing music from time to time. Molly also has a popular selection of videos where she guides you through her recipes, and you may have spotted her on the Food Network channel with her “Girl Meets Farm” show!

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8. Eric


Eric is the author behind “Breadtopia”, a food blog with one specific focus: bread. Whether you’re in love with the flavours of sourdough, or you want to learn how to make the perfect pizza base, you can discover all the guidance you need on Breadtopia, with videos, blogs and recipes that are sure to blow you away.

Eric shares his love of making and flavour with his whole family, including wife Denyce, son Galen, his daughter in law Liza, and his grandsons Gray and Leo. If you’re the kind of person who prefers savoury foods to sweet treats, then this will be the cooking blog that you’ve been waiting for. Be sure to check out the pasta recipes too!

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9. Julia Gartland

julia gartland

Julia Gartland is an inspiring author with a passion for food that came to her after years of health issues. With countless problems causing Julia strife over the years, she decided it was time to take matters into her own hands and discover the healing power of healthy food. She discovered a deep love of cooking through her exploration into flavour and funnelled everything she learned into the Sassy Kitchen blog.

Julia’s website is packed full of recipes inspired by gluten-free, seasonal foods. There are plenty of recipes for people who want to stay away from dairy, grains, and meat too! You’re sure to find something that suits your tastebuds here.

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10. Cynthia


Cynthia describes herself as a passionate eater and maker of food. She lives in California with her husband and their baby son, Luke. When she’s not cooking up a storm, Cynthia works as a lawyer, so you can rest assured that you’ll find plenty of recipes on her website for people who are short on time.

Cynthia’s blog began when she was in her last year of law school, and she needed a way to let her creative side shine. The website covers plenty of fantastic cooking tips and food ideas for comforting meals that will satisfy both your stomach and your heart. Many of the recipes that Cynthia shares also link back to her Chinese and Southern ancestors.

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11. Sini


My Blue and White Kitchen is a culinary blog written and maintained by Sini, a woman who tells the story of her life through the recipes she shares and the experiences she posts online. On this site, you’ll find plenty of wonderful ideas on how to expand your pallet and discover flavours in new and exciting places. Many of the recipes are inspired by nature, seasonal produce, and the seasons of the Nordic countries.

If you’re looking for a place where you can learn how to make vibrant meals and may be discover a thing or two about life as well, then this is the blog for you. Even as a grad student, Sini always finds time to keep her blog up to date.

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12. Lindsey S Love

Lindsey Love

Lindsey S Love is the delightful mind behind Dolly and Oatmeal, a wholesome blog dedicated to the search for delicious meals and a happier life. Lindsey began her love affair with food when she was young, despite the fact that she had a number of food sensitivities to deal with. As she got older, her issues with food became more pronounced, to the point where she had to cut dairy and gluten out of her diary.

Today, Lindsey shares some her favourite recipes and discoveries with readers who also need help finding delicious combinations that work with their food sensitivities. Whether you’re looking for vegan-inspired lunches, or a gluten-free dessert, you’ll find it all on this blog.

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13. Gabriella Zanzanaini & Nicolas Petit

Gabriella Zanzanaini and Nicolas Petit

Nicolas and Gabriella are a duo of passionate writers and foodies that love to travel and taste new things. They started their website as a way to share the lessons they learned travelling the world with a selection of avid readers and listeners. The couple brings Belgian, French, Chinese, and Italian origins into their cooking, which makes for a wide range of creative and exotic flavour experiences.

Nicolas and Gabriella believe that food is one of the best ways to connect with other people. On their website they share everything from blogs and photographs, to tales about their latest travel adventures. The funnelogy channel was also the winner of the Saveur blog awards for 2015.

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14. Jenne Claiborne

Jenné Claiborne

Jenne Claibone is the fun and creative women behind Sweet Potato Soul, a website packed full of hundreds of vegan recipes, cooking videos, and tips on how to eat healthier, without compromising on flavour. Jenne is a published author, with her book Sweet Potato Soul available on Amazon.

Born and Raised in Atlanta, Jenne has always loved food, since her Nana allowed her to play in the kitchen, discovering new flavours with any of the spices and oils she could find. Today, Jenne is still playing with food – but her creations are a lot more edible than she once was. She became a vegan in her early life and shares her recipes to encourage other people to rethink the way they approach food.

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15. Ella Woodward

Ella Woodward

Deliciously Ella is the brainchild of Ella Woodward, a dedicated blogger who began her site back in 2012, while she was still in University. Ella was diagnosed with a condition called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome which affecter her nervous system, she struggled to control her heart rate and blood pressure, and found herself suffering from issues with chronic fatigue, digestion and more.

Diet was one of the ways that Ella found peace with her condition. After learning how to enjoy a plant-based menu, Ella managed to get more control over her life, and she soon decided to share her discovery with the world. Now, Ella’s blog has more than 130 million followers!

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16. Angela


Author, clinical exercise physiologist, and RRCA running coach Angela is the author behind Happy Fit Mama, a blog that provides insights and advice on how to live a healthier and happier life. Angela loves experimenting with the kitchen, finding new flavourful meals that she can serve to the whole family. On her website, you’ll find plenty of recipes, running coach tips, and workouts too!

Angela struggled with weight issues for much of her life and believes that food and good nutrition is one of the best ways to get control of your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a blog to delight and inspire you during a transformational period in your life, check out Happy Fit Mama.

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17. Maryea Flaherty


Maryea is the wonderful woman behind Happy Healthy Mama, a website that’s all about life, motherhood, and of course – delicious food. Wife, mother, and passionate culinary enthusiast, Maryea believes in the power of natural whole foods when it comes to keeping her kids and her husband healthy. Her blog’s main focus is on sharing nutritious recipes with her readership, however, you’ll also find plenty of posts about parenting and fitness too.

Maryea is a true believe of natural living, and her journey to share her lifestyle tips with the year started seven years ago when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. During her mom’s treatment, Maryea learned more about the healing power of food, which is something you can learn all about on her blog.

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18. Jeanne Horak-Druiff

Aleney de Winter

Jeanne Horak-Druiif was born and raised in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Though she passed her bar exams and began practicing as a criminal advocate, Jeanne quickly discovered that her true passion in life was in food. After moving to London with her now-ex boyfriend, Jeanne never returned to the world of legal academia, but now she’s happier than ever, with a blog that discusses everything from food and wine, to travel.

Jeanne’s musings have been featured on sites like Food24, Crush, Great British Chefs, and more. She’s also one of the founders of a food and photography workshop called from Plate to Page.

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19. Jen


The Tiny Urban Kitchen blog is a fantastic little food website, written and managed by Jen, a woman with a deeply-ingrained love of cooking and culinary experimentation. Jen started writing for her website when she was still cooking from a tiny kitchen in her urban combo. Despite very little space, Jen managed to create some phenomenal flavours, which she started to share with her avid following through social media, and her site.

Jen’s blog is packed full of recipes inspired by Malysian, Chinese, Thai, and various other cooking styles. Jen also enjoys traveling a lot with her partner, so you’re sure to find the occasional tale about her trips online too!

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20. Aleney De Winter


The Boy Eats World blog by Aleney de Winter shares the culinary adventures of a mother and her two children traveling around the world and exploring different flavours. Aleney is a passionate mother, magazine editor, and travel writer, with a blog that’s fully inspired by her son Raffles, and her daughter Sugarpuff.

If you’re looking for heart-warming family stories, great recipes, and plenty of wonderful experiences, then you’ll find it all on this amazing website. Aleney delivers excellent content, stunning photography, and humorous tales of travel and culture, supplemented by insights from her delightful children.

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21. Marie


Marie is the award-winning blogger, cookbook author and recipe developer responsible for “Food Nouveau”, an inspiring food blog that’s brimming with amazing How-To guides, videos, recipes, classes, and even the occasional blog about travel too! Food Nouveau takes recipes from around the world and delivers them in a unique, easy-to-follow way, with plenty of videos and pictures.

In 2018, Marie published her very first cookbook, after years of assuming she’d never find the time to get her ideas onto paper. On her website, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to get you cooking and enjoying food in different ways.

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22. Taylor and Fong Chong

Saghar Setareh

Taylor and Fong Chong are the authors behind The Mala Market, a motivational blog where you can find countless recipes for some of the most incredible specialty ingredients in the Sichuan and Chinese culinary space. The two women started their blog in 2014, as a way of sharing their love of food and travel with the world, eventually, they started to sell some of their favourite ingredients online too – giving people an easier way to find tough-to-source flavours.

The Mala Market is full of fantastic insights, unique flavours and exciting experiments to enjoy with the whole family. It’s definitely worth checking out if you like more exotic food.

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23. Saghar Setareh

Saghar Setareh

Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, Saghar is the fantastic mind behind Labnoon, a website where you can find all of the inspirational food photographs, recipes, and blogs you need to take your culinary skills to the next level.

Saghar has always had a creative spirit, ever since she decided that she wanted to be a Disney Animator in school. As the years passed by, she maintained her love of art, but discovered that she also had other passions for photography, graphic design, and of course food. The Labnoon website is where Saghar brings all of her joys in life together in one incredible space.

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24. Annie Oliverio

Annie Oliverio

Annie Oliverio started her career as an office manager for a non-profit organisation in Washington. She always had a passion for healthy living and exercise, and she prides herself on her position as an unpolished, vegan – someone who focuses entirely on unrefined, plant-based recipes and meals.

Annie has a true passion for food, which she shares on her blog through photos of stunning meals, recipes, and delicious flavour combinations. If you’re looking for somewhere you can learn about cruelty-free, and fuss-free eating, without giving up on amazing tastes, then this is the website for you.

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25. Erin


Erin started learning how to cook because she wanted to find out how to make basic staples of her diet like vegetables and tofu more flavourful. She discovered how to apply the correct methods and techniques to her food, using complimentary flavours and components to change the meals that she eats daily.

On Olives for Dinner, Erin’s inspiring vegan-friendly website, you’ll find a wide range of delicious meals, made using completely natural ingredients (and all the right cooking methods of course). What’s more, most of Erin’s recipes are low-fat too – so you can eat them when you’re watching your weight!

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26. Kathy Patalsky

Kathy Patalsky

Kathy Patalsky is the playful soul and wonderful writer behind Lunch box lunch – a corner of the internet where you’ll find dozens of delicious vegan recipes, perfect for tantalising your tastebuds. Kathy founded her blog in 2007, and since then she’s also published two fantastic cookbooks – including one that’s dedicated to incredible smoothie recipes.

Kathy wants her blog to inspire people to eat more plants, enjoy more of the natural things in life, and get more happiness out of their day to day experience. Her blog is devoted to changing the world, one vegan taste sensation at a time.

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27. Christa


Christa is another vegan blogger on our list who takes a no-fuss approach to delicious cooking. Passionate about food since a very young age, Christa has always loved experimenting with flavour and sharing the meals she makes with the world. Christa found the joys of a plant-based diet around eight years ago, and she hasn’t looked back since. On her website, you can find plenty of vegan recipes, and even beginner options for people who aren’t used to the vegan lifestyle.

ArtisticVegan, Christa’s blog, has received a number of awards over the year, including one of the Top 100 vegan blogs for 2017 and 2018.

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28. Morag


An all-natural food lover from Glasgow, Morag or “Mo” is the mind behind Mo Adore, a blog that explores delightful vegan meals and stress-free baking. When she’s not cooking up a storm, Morag works full time as a digital marketing expert. She loves traveling, eating, and discovering new things, and even grows her own vegetables on her balcony.

Morag started her blog to show off everything she loved, from travel and fashion, to the food she cooks on a regular basis. You’ll also find the occasional blog about pop culture and feminism thrown in too!

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29. Rika & Don

rika and don

A light-hearted and fun blog about travel, food and life, Veganmiam is the brainchild of Rika and Doni, a pair that loves bold flavours, creativity, and meal ideas and inspired by their travels. These two inspiring writers aren’t afraid to experiment with the occasional odd taste, so don’t be surprised if you see some crazy suggestions on this website, along with plenty of heart comfort phone.

Vegan Miam provides recipes, pictures, and ideas on how to make the most of life wherever it takes you. If you’re searching for a little bit of fun and creativity, you’ll find it all right here.

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30. Natalie Tamara

Natalie Tamara

Natalie Tamara is the author of “The Tofu Diaries”, a leading lifestyle blog and vegan cooking website that covers everything from tips how to make the most of your plant-based meals, to advice on travel! If you want to learn more about living a cruelty-free lifestyle, or you simply need tips on discovering some new vegan flavours, Natalie will help you to explore a whole new world.

Natalie has been a vegetarian for as long as she can remember, and she’s been cooking almost exclusively vegan food for years too!

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31. Nicole


Nicole brings love, emotion, and of course, compassion into her exploration of the foodie lifestyle. On her website “A Dash of Compassion”, you’ll find amazing photography, reviews of some the best cookbooks around, and of course, plenty of recipes to get your tastebuds tingling.

Nicole is a Canadian writer, photographer, editor, and a mother to three rescue cats. According to Nicole, she loves animals too much to eat them, which is why she decided to start sharing her wholesome, all-natural vegan recipes online, in an effort to help people think differently about the way that they eat.

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32. Brittany and William

Brittany and William

Brittany and William are a married couple from Canada that is passionate about sharing delightful vegan recipes with readers around the world. Their website, I Love Vegan, features over a hundred fantastic recipes to suit a range of lifestyles, whether you’re interested in comfort food, wonderful recipes, or affordable solutions for beginners.

Brittany and William transitioned into the vegan lifestyle around five years ago and discovered that the move had made for a profound impact on their lives. Now, the two authors are fully committed to a meat-free way of life.

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33. Nicole


Nicole started her health-focused blog back in 2012, after deciding it was time for her to live a healthier lifestyle. Since that time, Nicole has lost 20 pounds and gained a lot of followers who love her fantastic tips on diet and exercise, as well as her no-nonsense approach to nutrition.

Nicole takes a holistic approach to nutrition, but she believes that food is a lot more than just fuel. When she’s not focusing on her training routine, you can find her whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen.

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34. Emma Potts

Emma Potts

Emma is a warm and fun-loving Vegan who adores sharing her kitchen adventures with the world. Emma only started getting into her experimental stage with food when she was in her teenage years. After turning vegetarian during her time at boarding school, she eventually decided that she wanted to embrace the full vegan experience fully.

Emma taught herself to cook amazing meals and recipes from scratch, and now she’s sharing her lessons with the world, through her website “Coconut and Berries”. She also has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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35. Tracye McQuirter

Tracye McQuirter is a 30-year vegan and 51-year-old best-selling author, activist, public health nutritionist and speaker. Tracye sees her vegan lifestyle as her passion, On Tracy’s website, you’ll find out more about her life and journey as a vegan trailblazer across the years, you’ll also be able to sign up or some of her amazing public speaking events.

Tracye will teach you everything you need to know about living the vegan lifestyle and making the most out of the flavours you experience every day!

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36. AJ


Have you ever wished that a healthier vegan lifestyle was easier to achieve? That’s what AJ’s blog “Cheap Vegan Chick” is all about. On this fantastic food website, you won’t just find great recipes for some plant-based and planet-friendly foods, you also find tips and tricks on making the most out of your vegan lifestyle.

AJ frequently shares coupons and vouchers that will help you to save money on your vegan recipes, as well as advice on how you can make extra money to go alongside your regular income.

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37. Holly Jade

holly jade

Holly Jade is the author of “The Little Blog of Vegan” a website she created to help people struggling with finding delicious and affordable recipes that avoided using meat. Holly’s website explores recipes, foods, and products you can enjoy when you’re living the vegan lifestyle. Ever since she converted to veganism in 2015, she’s loved the impact it’s had on her life and health.

If you’re thinking of converting to a vegan lifestyle, or you just want some recipe tips along with beauty and lifestyle guidance then this could be the ideal blog for you. Don’t forget to check out Holly’s product reviews too.

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38. Maisie Louise Stedman

Maisie Louise Stedman

Author of “”, Maisie Stedman is an inspiration to culinary enthusiasts everywhere. Maisie started her exploration into the vegan world because she believed that it was the only true way to protect animals, the planet and her health. After educating herself about the vegan lifestyle, Maisie transformed her day-to-day life, and she’s been motivating others to do the same ever since.

On the Obviously Vegan website, you’ll find recipes sure to impress your family, travel blogs, reviews of various vegan eateries and products, and more. There’s even the occasional lifestyle tip available too.

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39. Kimberly


Kimberly is the London-based food blogger behind “The Little Plantation”, a motivational website that covers everything from lifestyle advice, to how you can make the perfect meal. Kimberley started her blog as a creative outlet when she was reflecting on who she was as a person. As the website grew, she decided to leave her job as a social worker and commit to food and nutrition full-time.

As well as running her blog, Kimberley also photographs food images for cafes, restaurants and start-ups, and she also specialises in food set-up, for cookbooks and commercials too.

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40. Katie


Katie’s blog is one of the top 25 food blogs in the US – thanks in part to it’s focus on everyone’s favourite food – chocolate. Katie created her food blog for fun, but it quickly jumped in popularity to become the number one source for comfort food and healthy desserts on the internet.

Katie has been featured on numerous shows over the years, including USA Today, CNN, The Today Show, The Food Network, and many more. Huffington Post has also chosen Katie as one of their top healthy Instagram accounts to follow!

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41. Danni Martin

Dannii Martin

Dannii Martin is the delightful creator of the blog “HungryHealthyHappy,” a website that caters to tastes from virtually all walks of life. On her blog, Danni shares the incredible story of how she lost more than 100 pounds just by eating healthy and learning how to nourish her body the right way.

Since it first launched in 2011, Hungry Healthy Happy has grown at an astronomical rate, with hundreds of thousands of followers signing up to check out Danni’s new recipes on a daily basis. You’ll also find fantastic content about travel, family life, and home and garden solutions here too! It’s a great all-around website.

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42. Kate Hackworthy

Kate Hackworthy

Veggie Desserts is the website of Kate Hackworthy, a food blogger and cookery writer living in the UK. Kate built her site as a homage to her love of vegetables – which she regularly eats for lunch, breakfast, dinner and even dessert.

Kate is an award-winning magazine columnist and freelancer who loves sharing her tips and tricks on how to make the most of healthy food with the world. She writes brilliant recipes for some of the most fantastic kale cupcakes, and other amazing meals around, and her blog has been entered for multiple awards over the years. Kate also published her first cookbook in 2017.

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43. Emily Leary

Emily Leary

Emily Leary is the fun and fancy-free mother and author behind “A Mummy Too,” a blog that began in 2011 as a way for Emily to share her passions with the world. Emily had no idea how quickly her website would grow when she launched it, and in 2013, she ended up giving up her career so she could write about lifestyle and food full-time.

Today, Emily uses her website to share daily recipes for the whole family to enjoy. There are hundreds of meals and treats to choose from, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding something you love. Emily has also been featured in countless publications, including the Huffington Post.

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44. Grace


If you’ve been looking for a fun food blog you can share with your kids, then this could be the website for you. The Eats Amazing site is packed full of family-friendly recipes, easy tutorials and more, so you can have more fun cooking with your kids. Grace, the author of Eats Amazing, lives in Hampshire with her two sons and her husband.

Initially, Grace started Eats Amazing as a fun place where she could share the charming bento lunches she had been making for her older son. Now, the website has grown to brand-new heights, and Grace continues to share blogs and recipes on a regular basis.

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45. Izy Hossak

Dr Emma Kirke

Izy is the 20-something Londoner responsible for the “Top With Cinnamon” blog. When she’s not writing, Izy is studying for her degree in Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Leeds or enjoying a piping hot latte.

Though Izy is based in the UK, she learned how to cook from her Italian-American mum, which means that most of her recipes include American measurements – but they’re easy to convert depending on how you like to bake. You’ll find plenty of sweet treats and savoury options to experiment with on Izzy’s blog.

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46. Dr. Emma Kirk

Dr Emma Kirke

How about some cooking tips from a doctor, entrepreneur, and UK-based blogger? Dr. Emma Kirk is the woman behind the Medicinal Kitchen website – a site that tells you all about how you can use food to become a healthier and happier person. When she’s not sharing recipes and tips on her website, Emma is running a successful business helping people get the most out of their lives.

Dr. Kirk started her website as a way of recording her own journey towards a healthier life when she was overcoming problems with permanent spine and nerve damage. Emma is a truly inspirational person, with content you can’t help but love.

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47. Kellie Anderson

kellie anderson

Kellie Anderson created her own “personal slice” of the internet with Food to Glow, a website that’s all about finding the meals and recipes that make you feel better. The food that you’ll find on Kellie’s blog is made exclusively with natural, whole ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about feeling guilty about anything that’s on your plate.

Kellie is a food-obsessed woman from Florida who is currently living in the stunning city of Edinburgh in Scotland. She loves sharing recipes for plant-based meals that have their unique twist of indulgence to them.

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48. Helen


Helen of “Fuss Free Flavours” is a happy-go-lucky writer who shares her tips and insights into the world of food from her home in West London, where she lives with her sausage dog and her partner, Edward.

Helen first launched her blog in 2007, to help fight back against the trend of eating unhealthy ready meals that were plaguing the world. She believed that it was just as easy and cheap to eat great food if you knew where to find it. The Fuss Free Flavours blog is packed full of simple, easy-to-follow recipes for food that you don’t need to heat up in a microwave.

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49. Kerstin Rodgers

Kerstin Rodgers

Kerstin Rodgers has a fantastic history with food, which includes launching the underground restaurant or pop-up trend in the UK back in 2009 when she started her supper club known as “The Underground Restaurant.” She’s won numerous awards over the years for her writing, and loves sharing photographs of her stunning food too! Kerstin has also appeared on television multiple times.

With a history in Journalism, Kerstin brings a unique approach to the writing on her blog, where you’ll find recipes and insights to help you create your own supper club experiences. You’ll also find the occasional blog about Kerstin’s travels on this website too.

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50. Karen


Karen was born in South Africa and brought up in rural Northumbria, and she’s spent most of her life exploring the wonders of the flavours around her. Karen’s interest in food began at a very young age, and it’s stayed with her throughout her life, pushing her to constantly discover new recipes with seasonal and natural foods.

Although she lived in South West France for a number of years, Karen currently calls North Yorkshire her home, where she lives with her husband. The Lavender and Lovage website is packed full of Karen’s wonderful and whimsical recipes, packed full of delicious herbs, spices, and healthy vegetables too.

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51. Pamala Gilmour

pamela gilmour

Pamala Gilmore, or “Pam,” is a thirty-something blogging who lives with her husband in the West End of Glasgow. This charming writer created her blog over three years ago when she and her husband first moved into the West End. The popularity of her website took her entirely by surprise, but she’s happier in the food scene now than ever.

On Pam’s corner of the internet, you’ll find blogs about life, plenty of tips on where you can find the best food in Glasgow, and of course, countless recipes that you can try your hand at when you’re feeling creative.

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52. Janie


Janie is a photographer, food writer and recipe creator who spends her spare time maintaining an incredible website called “The Hedge Combers.” When Janie started her food blog, it was a way to keep track of her ever-growing collection of recipes, designed to help you make the most out of the food you can grow in your garden.

Janie loves being at the centre of the food scene, where she’s always surrounded by artisan producers, farmers, and passionate people from all walks of life.

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53. Helen


Helen is a delightful mother of three gorgeous girls, a wife, and of course, a dedicated food blogger. Located in the North West of England, Helen uses her blog to teach people how to create amazing cakes, discover new meals to cook for their families, and more. Helen can even offer a book recommendation or two from time to time.

With a history in writing that spans over 10 years, Helen knows how to share her recipes in style, and she also loves talking about her travels too! You’re sure to find plenty of sweet flavours and even sweeter stories on Casa Costello.

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54. Susan Thye

Susan Thye

The fun and educational mind behind ChocolateSuze, Susan is a food writer that was surrounded by cooking and baking lovers. Over the years, Susan has developed her culinary expertise, giving her own unique spin to traditional meals.

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55. Beth Sachs

beth sachs

Find flavours sure to make your dreams come true on the delightful Jam and Clotted Cream blog by Beth Sachs. Beth is a Cornish writer, mummy, and recipe developer who loves living in Cornwall. As well as blogging, Beth also works part-time in local government, so she has a pretty hectic lifestyle.

Beth started her website in 2008 during her maternity leave with her first child. She had just finished her master’s degree and was looking for a new way to expand her mind. The website allowed her to keep busy and explore her love of baking at the same time.

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56. Claire Jessiman

Claire Jessiman

Living in Aberdeen Scotland, Claire shares her culinary expertise with the world through the website “” Claire wears a lot of hats in her day-to-day life, working as a volunteer, and blogger, while also maintaining her position as a mum and wife.

Claire’s been blogging about food for quite some time now, since August 2012 when one of her friends suggested that she should start sharing her food adventures online. Now, you can find countless recipes, tips, and blogs about travel on Claire’s blog.

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57. Choclette


Choclette is the unique and inspirational woman behind Tin and Thyme, a website that shares motivational tales from a traditional Cornish Kitchen. Choclette focuses exclusively on vegetarian recipes that use whole, natural foods. Of course, there’s also of plenty of sweet treats that you can learn how to make here too!

Choclette has been passionate about cooking and food all her life. She started her website back in 2009 to share her experiments with food and flavour with the world.

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58. Jennifer Pallian

Jannifer Pallian

Jenn spends her life in the kitchen, creating incredible things for her friends and family to enjoy. Living in Canada with her husband and her two children, Jenn grew up with a deep passion for food – something that she now channels into her website on a regular basis.

When you arrive on the Foodess website, you’ll find everything from meals inspired from trips around the globe to home-comfort food and countless baking recipes too. Jennifer has a unique background in science and nutrition, and she started her website as a creative outlet for when she felt too overwhelmed by her chemistry books.

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59. Marion Kane

marion kane

Marion Kane is a fantastic food blogger and mother who has a strong reputation in the world of food journalism. Marion has been sharing her insights with the world for decades, first through classic media like newspapers and magazines, and now through her very own excellent website.

For 18 years, Marion was a columnist for the largest Canadian newspaper, the Toronto Star. While she was pursuing her journalism career, she had plenty of time to bond with stars like Julie Child, Sophia Loren, and Nigella Lawson. These days, Marion simply likes to be known as a “freelance food sleuth” and a seasoned food journalist.

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60. Tim & Nat

tin and nat

Tim and Nat are the delightful couple behind A Cook Not Mad. Tim loves everything from fly fishing to sports cars and plays the ukelele in his spare time. He learned how to cook from his mother and grandmother, then expanded his education with a trip to culinary school in NYC.

Nat has explored countless different trades during her life, all the way from managing an ophthalmologist’s office, to working as a florist. When she’s not cooking, Nat loves photography, and her photos have appeared in the PDN NYC photo book. The pair now share their stories and recipes with readers all across the globe.

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61.  Judith Lewis

judith lewis

If you’re searching for a way to learn about delicious and decadent cooking, then “Mostly About Chocolate” could be the place for you. Judith Lewis is a journalist, search expert, and chocolate enthusiast. She even judged the 2011, 2013, and 2015 awards hosted by the Academy of Chocolate. She’s also judged every year’s International Chocolate Awards.

Mostly about Chocolate is an award-winning blog where you’ll find plenty of useful information about cooking, flavour, and of course – the best chocolates the world has to offer.

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62. Amy Bronee

Elyse Chatterton

Family Feedbag is the mouth-watering blog managed by Amy Bronee. Amy is an avid culinary expert, with more than one award-winning book available today. She even earned a certification in home food preservation from the University of Georgia.

The content shared on the Family Feedback is unique, because every recipe is designed from scratch by Amy. On the website, you’ll find everything from tips on how to cook an unforgettable dinner, to insights into a unique world of tradition and heritage. Amy is also the ultimate person to turn to if you want to learn about making jams and pickled veggies.

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63. Elyse Chatterton

Elyse Chatterton

Elyse Chatterton is a blogger with many skills. She’s a classically-trained English Butcher who believes that everyone can get a little more out of their meals if they have some basic butcher skills in the kitchen. Of course, Elyse isn’t all about meat; she’s also an avid baker who loves creating food with a story.

Elyse loves creating delicious food for her family, as well as all the people who read her blog daily. On this website, you’ll find everything from ideas for mixing the perfect drink, to a recipe for emergency cookies when you need a pick-me-up.

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64. Michelle


Michelle is the wonderful author behind “Roasted Montreal” a website devoted to sharing taste sensations and recipe ideas from around the world. Michelle is originally from a town called Lloydminster, but she’s lived in various locations, including the UK, Thailand, Mexico, and Demark. Montreal is her home today and has been for the last 8 years.

Alongside being an avid culinary fan, Michelle is also a professional photographer- although she’s currently focusing on her blogging.

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65. Stacie


Stacie is the delightful blogger and mother behind the website “” Over the last 17 years or so, Stacie has explored multiple corners of the globe, including four different provinces in Canada. Today, Stacie is living within her hometown of Pembroke, in Ontario, where she plans on staying for as long as possible.

On Stacie’s blog, you’ll find insights into her life, tips on how to make the most of family life, and advice on improving your skills in the kitchen. With countless indulgent recipes to choose from, you’re sure to find something delicious on Simply Stacie.

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66. Niamh


Niamh is an Irish blogger based in London who spent her days in the science sector before she discovered her true calling in the world of food. Niamh started her own blog “Eat Like a Girl” in 2007, and she’s never turned back.

When she’s not cooking, Niamh loves traveling and exploring the world around her. While food brings her a lot of joy, she also enjoys meeting new people, getting to know new cultures, and finding out as much as she can about different flavours. You’ll find plenty of recipes and amazing tastes on this blog, as well as a few musings about life too!

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67. Michelle


Greedy Gourmet is a website for people who want to get more indulgence into their day-to-day meals. Written and managed by the incredible Michelle, Greedy Gourmet is a hub of decadent meals and baking ideas that are sure to transform your life. Michelle can even create bespoke recipes for products and brands, and she works as a food photographer by day too!

Greedy Gourmet began all the way back in 2007, and it’s been growing ever since, developing a strong following of culinary fans. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just something new to do in the kitchen, you’ll find it all here.

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68. Kay and Kate

kay kate

Pinch of Nom is a heart-warming website that initially began in 2016 when partners Kay and Kate decided to document their quest to shed some pounds and still eat delicious food. After trying out some slimming world recipes, Kay and Kate realised how many people in the world need the comfort of tried and tested recipes for staying slim.

Pinch of Nom will show you how easy it can be to create Syn-free food for your meals. The website has thousands of avid readers today, and Kay and Kate have built up quite the following on Instagram too!

Follow Kay and Kate on Instagram and Twitter


69. Katie Doran

katie doran

Katie Doran has always been a fan of baked goods. When she was two, her great-aunt nicknamed her “The Little Loaf” after recognising that her appetite for bread was bigger than she was. In 2011, Katie began exploring her culinary talents and launched her website “” to help document her journey into the world of cooking.

Katie has a published cookbook where she shares tips for making homemade childhood treats, but you can also find plenty of her insights and recipes on her website too. Kate lives in London with her husband and her little boy, Nino.

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70. Jacqueline Meldrum

Jacqueline Meldrum

Jacqueline is a food and recipe writer who specialises in creating delightful vegan and vegetarian meals. She currently lives in Scotland with her vegan husband and vegetarian son. When she started her blog in 2007, Jacqueline realised that most of her family favourite recipes started with a tin of chopped tomatoes – hence the name of the site.

Of course, today, Jacqueline is far more experimental in the kitchen, and you’ll find a lot more than just recipes featuring tomatoes on her website. This is an excellent site if you’re looking for tips from someone who’s been a vegetarian for almost 30 years, and cooking enthusiast for even longer.

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71. Olivia Wollenberg

Olivia Wollenberg

Olivia is the culinary expert and entrepreneur behind “Livia’s Kitchen.” When she started her academic life, Olivia was training as a Neuroscientist. She eventually decided to explore her skills as a businesswoman and followed her passion for cooking to start creating delicious and natural treats within her parent’s kitchen.

Over the years, Olivia has accomplished countless incredible things, including the launch of her own book, which became an instant best-seller in the gluten-free and dessert categories. On her website, you’ll find out more about Olivia’s recipes, along with tips for making incredible gluten-free treats.

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72. Jo Yee

jo yee

Jo Yee is a Boston Native who traveled across the pond to Britain for love. Since she moved to the UK, Jo has learned everything from how to make the most of her photography skills, to how to cook incredible meals. In 2014, Jo left a career in financial marketing strategy behind to become a freelance photographer and blogger with a focus on travel, food, and culture.

Jo created her website as a safe space where she could share creative inspiration, tips about travel and insights into delicious food creations. She’s also been featured on The Huffington Post, the London Evening Standard, Time Out, and countless other publications.

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73. Skye McAlpine

skye mcalpine

Skye McAlpine lives in the most romantic city in the world – Venice. From her spot in the corner of the city, Skye creates a range of delicious and unique meals, taking inspiration from the city around her, as well as various other areas of her life.

Skye says that some of her happiest memories revolve around food, as she grew up with parents that frequently cooked and entertained. Skye began writing on her blog more than three years ago, and she’s been amazed by the incredible response that the website has received. She’s also been featured on publications like The Sunday Times, Vanity Fair, and Conde Nest Traveller.

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74. Flora Shedden

flora shedden

Flora Shedden is an all-natural cook living in Highland Perthshire in Scotland. At only 21 years old, Flora has already worked as a costume seamstress, waitress, photographer, researcher, and gallery assistant. However, today, she spends most of her time cooking and writing.

In 2017, Flora published her first cookbook, known as “Gatherings.” The book focuses on meals you can create for friends and families during get-togethers. Flora is currently in the midst of setting up her own bakery, and she also works as a food columnist for a national paper and a radio presenter for the BBC.

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75. Cate


Cate is the 22-year-old writer and cooking enthusiast behind “Cate in the Kitchen.” At 22 years old, Cate has been running and managing her own blog since 2014. She started the website because she wanted a place where she could share the pictures of her food online, without driving her friends insane on Facebook.

Cate’s blog grew at an incredible rate, spurred on by her incredible recipes and food recommendations. Currently, Cate’s in the process of setting up her own Podcast, where you can hear more about her experiments in the kitchen.

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76. Monica Lee and Clara Lau

Monica Lee and Clara Lau

Clara and Monica are two food-loving friends who decided to start their website together to explore their passions in the kitchen. The delightful pair started her blog in 2012, recording all of the delicious recipes they’ve attempted to create. Since the website first launched, it’s given the two bloggers an incredible opportunity to learn new skills and meet new experts.

On The Food Sisterhood website, you’ll find insights into the girls’ travels, along with dates for events that they’ll be sharing their knowledge at. Of course, the site is also packed full of delicious recipes too.

Follow Monica and Clara on Twitter and Instagram


77. Hubert L

hubert l

Hubert L started the “Good Food Toronto” website to help people around the city of Toronto find the best places to eat. The site is a hub of all the best eatery experiences in one of Canada’s most famous cities – perfect for local Canadians and tourists alike.

On Hubert’s website, you’ll find everything you need to make the most out of Toronto, from insider news stories about upcoming restaurants to reviews of the best bars, nightlife, and events in the area. Of course, there’s also plenty of recipes to explore too if you want to get a taste of Toronto living in your own kitchen.

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78. Tara Maini

tara maini

Tara Maini’s passion for food has guided her throughout most of her life. With so much of her family involved in the food industry, it was no surprise that Tara would end up being a culinary master herself. Her grandmother was one of the best cooks in town, her mother was a cookbook author and caterer, and her cousin is a trained chef.

On Tara’s website, Choperella, you’ll find plenty of amazing recipes and insights from a woman with a strong understanding of food and flavour. Tara’s inspirations come from a childhood in Kenya, as well as countless learning opportunities across Canada.

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79. Rosie Daykin

rosie daikin

Butter Baked Goods is the inspiring website of Rosie Daykin, who has been committed to creating incredible baked goods for as long as she can remember. Ever since she was 6 years old, Rosie has been dreaming of owning her own bakery – a dream which she finally brought to life in 2012.

In 2013, Rosie released her first cookbook, which became an international best-seller. In 2015, she followed up with another book, which once again became the number one book in Canada. Although she lives a busy life, Rosie still finds time to keep up with her blogs and recipes on her website, where you’re sure to see plenty of tips to improve your baking skills.

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80. Grace Yeung

grace yeung

Grace Yeung is a marvelous blogger and photographer based in Toronto. She began her blog as space where she could share all the things she was most passionate about, ranging from food and travel to lifestyle. She hopes to share her experiences with her followers around the world, through incredible stories, blogs, recipes, and photos.

Grace has worked in partnerships with some of the biggest food names in the industry, including McDonald’s, Nestle Canada, and many more. She also earned the title of the Top Food Blogger in Toronto in 2016!

Follow Grace on Twitter, and Instagram


81. Dominic


Dominic has always had a passion for fine dining. He spent many of his early years looking for delicious meals in local restaurants, as an excuse to avoid his mother’s cooking. Fortunately, his mum’s problems in the kitchen meant that he often enjoyed evening meals in the local restaurants and pubs around Hampshire.

Ever since then, Dominic has discovered a proficiency for seeking out the best local meals, from hearty classics to exciting and exotic dishes. From his home in London, Dominic loves sharing his experiences and reviews of fancy restaurants with people from across the globe. You’ll also find plenty of great hotel reviews too!

Follow Dominic on Twitter, and Instagram


82. Andrea Soranidis

Andrea Soranidis

Andrea is the Italian 20-something food lover and world traveler behind “The Petite Cook.” Before she launched her website, Andrea was a marketing manager and a food blogger. Today, she’s swapped her marketing strategies and PR know-how for a set of oven gloves and a devotion to cooking and baking. She travels, cooks, and shares all her experiences with a growing audience of dedicated followers.

You’ll find countless incredible things on Andrea’s blog, ranging all the way from Michelin star restaurant reviews, to experimental new recipes. There’s also plenty of photos to inspire you too!

Follow Andrea on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram


83. Ciara Atwell

Ciara Atwell

My Fussy Eater is a website devoted to helping people find delicious and healthy meals that they can feed to their whole family. Ciara, the founder of the blog, is an avid food enthusiast, as well as a mother to two children. She launched her website back in 2014 when she was trying to get her daughter to eat a more varied and nutritious diet.

Since 2014, Ciara’s website has grown to new heights, featuring more than 400 recipes for families to enjoy and experiment with. The site has become one of the most popular family food blogs in Ireland and the UK! Ciara is currently working on her first cookbook.

Follow Ciara on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram


84. Lucy Parissi

Lucy Parissi

Lucy started her website, Supergolden bakes, to share her passion for the culinary arts with the world. Lucy is obsessed with food, and there’s nothing she enjoys more than making a mess in her kitchen while experimenting with new flavours and textures. The recipes you’ll find on this blog will range all the way from nutritious and healthy, to seriously indulgent.

There’s also plenty of insights into Lucy’s photographer side on the Supergolden bakes website – she loves taking pictures of the food that she makes and makes.

Follow Lucy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram


85. Paul Young

paul young

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then you’ll love Paul Young’s website. Paul is an innovative chocolatier who lives at the cutting edge of the British chocolate scene. Paul’s passion for the chocolate craft and his creativity in his space have helped him to win several awards over the years. Paul is even recognised as one of the best chocolatiers in the world.

Paul is the only chocolatier in London that works in a traditional artisan way – with all the items he creates made entirely by hand. Paul’s website offers a fantastic insight into his delicious and indulgent world of chocolate.

Follow Paul on Twitter and Facebook


86. Angie Silver

angie silver

Angie Silver’s website “Silver Spoon London” covers everything from luxury lifestyle tips to advice on making the most out of your travel experiences. Angie is an award-winning lifestyle blogger who loves exploring the world and sharing her adventures with her avid followers.

Food has always been one of Angie’s biggest passions. She loves cooking delicious meals almost as much as she enjoys eating them. Wherever she goes, Angie still does what she can to make the most of the cuisine in the local area and soak up the culture of the space through new ingredients and flavours.

Follow Angie on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram


87. Tina


Tina is a devoted culinary mastermind, photographer, and blogger. She loves sharing her thoughts and insights on the world of food through her special corner of the internet: “The Worktop.” Before she found her true passion, Tina used to work as an attorney, driving a convertible in LA to flashy client meetings.

Now, Tina lives a far more relaxed lifestyle. When she’s not writing on her blog, she’s making and serving coffee at a location called “The Espresso Room” in London. Tina also occasionally hosts pop-up brunch events at her home too! On her website, you’ll find plenty of great stories, tips, and delicious recipes too!

Follow Tina on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram


88. Ceri Jones

Ceri Jones

We all know we need to live healthier these days, but it’s hard to find the inspiration to cook nutritional meals sometimes. Fortunately, Ceri Jones is here to help with her website – Natural Kitchen Adventures. Ceri is a 30-something natural chef who adores cooking with whole, organic foods.

Ceri started her website in 2011 and completed a 6-month natural chef training course in 2014 too! From her corner of the internet, Ceri shares all the recipes that she’s collected over the years, from the food she’s learned how to make in cooking classes, to the recipes she uses for her catering career. Ceri’s website even has its own iPhone app.

Follow Ceri on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram


89. May


May is a local Londoner and food enthusiast who loves wellness, adventure, and luxury. When she’s not writing on her website, she’s out in the world, discovering new restaurants, and trying exotic cuisines wherever she can get her hands on them.

May is genuinely fearless when it comes to food choices, and she’s happy to try just about anything. That means that on her website, you don’t have to worry about sticking to recipes that play it safe. You’re sure to find some surprising tastes here, but you might come across a new family favourite too. What’s more, most of May’s meals are exceedingly healthy!

Follow May on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram


90. Dominic Franks

Dominic Franks

Dominic Franks is the author and mastermind behind Ruby Violet – a company devoted to creating some of the world’s most luxurious bespoke ice creams, frozen delights and sorbets around. The website and business are named after Dominic’s grandmother – Ruby Violet.

Before launching the business, Dominic worked as a photographer for 34 years. Eventually, he came up with the idea for Ruby Violet when he decided that it was about time his local community had a high-quality ice cream product to choose from. On his blog, you’ll find tips, insights, and incredible ideas on how to make the most of your frozen flavours.

Follow Dominic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


91. Victoria Cameron

Victoria Cameron

Victoria Cameron has spent most of her life obsessed with food and flavour. Her childhood diaries were filled not with the experiences that she had with her friends at school, but with lists of what she had eaten that day. Victoria even used to write about the different foods she found when she was traveling on vacations with her family.

Today, Victoria’s website “A Spoonful of Sugar” gives her an opportunity to share her love of cooking with the world in a unique format. Throughout the blog, you’ll find recipes that are sure to tantalise your taste buds, accompanied by food podcasts, restaurant reviews, and more, all with Victoria’s unique insights, gathered through years working in and exploring the food scene.

Follow Victoria on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram


92. Lauren Nakagawa

Lauren Nakagawa

Lauren is a foodie born and raised in California. Alongside a deep passion for food, Lauren also harbours an intense love of shoes, which is something else she covers on her blog, “Shoes and Sashimi.” On this website, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Lauren’s adventures in flavour, from insights into her casual meals with friends to tips on fine dining.

After a rebrand in 2017, Shoes and Sashimi became one of the most popular go-to sites for people in search of advice on where to eat and what to wear. This is a site that’s sure to give you an appetite for both food and fashion.

Follow Lauren on Instagram


93. Cynthia


Cynthia is the passionate travel and food blogger behind “,” a website that’s devoted to helping people get the most out of their meals, and their lives. Cynthia loves finding incredible meals almost as much as she enjoys taking pictures of the food she creates. The good news is that she shares all those pictures with her followers on Snapchat.

While Cynthia isn’t much of a cook herself, she’s great at finding fantastic hidden places where you can treat your taste buds to a delicious meal. If you’re looking for delicious pictures and amazing eatery tips, then this is the site for you.

Follow Cynthia on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram


94. Vero Kherian

Vero Kherian

Vero is an incredible blogger, with a special focus on one very specific kind of food – cheese. If you’re a lover of all things dairy, then Vero’s website “Miss Cheesemonger” is sure to be a hit with you. Vero found her passion trying some of the richest and luxurious cheeses that the world has to offer, and today, her site will give you a complete guide to everything you need to know about the cheesier side of life.

Vero found her love of blogging when she was still at law school. When she graduated during a recession, she decided to get a job in a cheese shop, and her website started to grow. Now, her Miss CheeseMonger website is bigger than ever, and she also runs a food and portrait photography business alongside her blog.

Follow Vero on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


95. Kelly


Kelly Huibregtse is the magnificent blog of San Francisco style, life, and food blog “A Side of Sweet.” The website is brimming with entertaining advice, easy-to-follow recipes, and stunning photography. Whether you’re looking for a vegan dinner or a delicious dessert, you’re sure to find everything you need right here.

Kelly lives in San Francisco with her husband and her puppy. She moved to San Francisco in 2013 to start a new adventure, only a few days after she and her hubby got married. On her blog, Kelly shares tales from her experiences, along with her food advice and recipes.

Follow Kelly on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram


96. Bianca


Looking for an easy way to get more whole food and nutritious goodness into your life? You’ll find exactly what you need with Bianca, the author of “Whole Food Simply.” Bianca built her website as a way of sharing nutritious tips and cooking advice with people around the world, proving that you don’t have to be a master cook to eat well.

As well as being a food blogger, Bianca is also the dedicated mother to three children, and she’s a lover of all things delicious and fun. She believes that her recipes are perfect for even the fussiest of eaters, so you’re sure to find something for the whole family.

Follow Bianca on Instagram and Facebook


97. Nagi


Nagi is the writer, photographer, and cook behind RecipeTin Eats. From her home in the stunning Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia, Nagi explores her obsession with food by trying out as many new recipes and flavours as she can get her hands on.

Nagi’s unique website reflects her philosophy on food, which means that it covers fast foods that are easy to cook when you’re in a hurry, and creative ideas that change the way you think about your family favourites. Nagi can also help you make the most out of your food shopping budget, without asking you to compromise on fresh tastes!

Follow Nagi on YouTube, and Instagram


98. Ann


Have you ever seen a delicious plate of food and wondered how the chef brought that to your table? Ann Reardon has – that’s why she created her incredible website “How to Cook That.” Ann has spent the years working as a consultant dietitian in the food industry, a community and public health dietician and more.

Now, she’s taken on a role as a youth pastor, and she spends as much of her free time as possible keeping her blog updated with videos and articles that will teach you how to cook the most spectacular meals and treats you’ve ever seen.

Follow Ann on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube


99. Sneh Roy

Sneh Roy

Sneh is a food and lifestyle photographer, as well as a stylist and cookbook author. She lives in Sydney with her two children, a couple of chickens, and her husband. She’s always loved writing, and channels that passion into her website, where you’ll find her talking about everything from travel and everyday musings to her latest delicious recipes.

Sneh has her own cookbook, where you can find some of her favourite meals from across the years. Before she started her blog, she graduated as a Computer Engineer and studied design at a later stage. However, she’s always loved the idea of working with food.

Follow Sneh on Twitter and Pinterest


100. Manu


Manu or Manuela is the author behind “Manu’s Menu.” Brought up in Milan by her Sicilian parents, Manu moved to Sydney Australia with her loving husband and had two beautiful daughters. She loves her Australian lifestyle and brings a range of cultural insights and heritages into her cooking ideas and recipes.

Manu loves all kinds of food, but you’ll find a passion for Italian cuisine as you browse through her blog. If you’re looking for advice on how to make truly traditional food from Italy, Australia, and around the world, then Manu’s Menu has got you covered.

Follow Manu on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram


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