Washing Machine Troubleshooting: When to DIY and when to Call a Professional

washing machine troubleshooting

It’s not surprising how dependent we are on our washing machines. However, this dependency is seldom realised until the appliance stops working and need washing machine troubleshooting . There are a number of issues that can cause the washing machine to not operate properly. Some of these things can be taken care of by the owner. However, outside of using a comprehensive DIY washing machine repair guide, there are times where a professional repair service will need to be employed.

Washing Machine Troubleshooting: Machine Just Stops Running

mahine-repairsA common issue with a washing machine is it stops running. Often times, this is mostly noted when the washing machine refuses to go to a spin cycle. The main reason for this is that the lid switch, which indicates to the washing machine control panel that the lid is closed, has stopped working.

This means that the washing machine thinks that the lid is open, even when it’s closed. When this happens, it won’t allow the washing machine to do anything other than fill with water. In these instances, replacing the lid switch assembly typically takes care of the problem.

Washing Machine Not Draining

Some people have problems with the washing machine not draining. The most likely culprit in these situations is the drain pump. Over time, debris that gets into the pump can cause it to burnout completely. If you are the ‘do it yourself’ type of person you could replace the pump yourself with a little bit of instruction. However, most people will need to put aside the washing machine repair manual and call a professional washing machine technician.

Washing Machine Is Not Starting

Newer washers employ complicated user panel and user control boards. Sometimes, when there’s a problem with the board, the washer won’t start. All the mechanical components may be just fine, but if the control panel doesn’t allow the washing machine to engage, none of that matters.

People who have experience with electronic devices can often access the control board and replace it. In these situations a washer manual may help to locate the right part, but it may take a professional to handle the installation of the new control board.mahine-repairs

Washing Machine Moving & Vibrating

One issue that can usually be handled quite easily is an unstable load. This is indicated by the washing machine vibrating or shaking a great deal when it is in motion. This can also be an indication that the shipping bolt is still in place. A shipping bolt is used to stabilise the drum of the washing machine when being transported. Unless this bolt is removed, it could result in a lot of shaking or vibrating. Uneven loads will simply need to be evened out to allow the washing machine to run smoothly again.


mahine-repairsWhether it’s something you can handle yourself or something a professional needs to handle, there are some washing machine troubleshooting ways that could repair even the most damaged washing machine. Whether it’s an extensive repair or something simple, getting a washing machine up and running again is something that many homeowners are extremely grateful for.

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